You Will Love the Artist Known As “Darshae”

You Will Love the Artist Known As “Darshae”

he has an uncanny resemblance to Seal while possessing similar voice to Marc Anthony.

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Darshae Kiér, a pop artist from Miami Florida has never relented on his efforts at becoming the pop star he is today despite having great odds and huge mountain to climb. This was evident in the premature death of his parents which made him become a regular at different foster homes. Irrespective of this impasse and his “hard knock life”, Darshae showed determination, character and good mental strength to continue to stay focused and not allow the circumstance at the time to overwhelm him. He channeled the negative energy from the circumstance life threw at him, into positive vibes needed to succeed, break new barriers, and do good music for his fans. 

I always remember the era of a youthful Seal and Marc Anthony whenever I see and hear Darshae’s songs, in the sense that he has an uncanny resemblance to Seal while possessing similar voice to Marc Anthony.

Borrowing styles from Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, Ed Sheeran and Reggaeton star like Bad Bunny, he created a unique style, sound, and his own fan base which is impressive.


His latest single, “Halasana Girl” is spontaneous and organic. It is a unique way of flirting. It will give you the confidence to want to find a girl and warmer environs to chase away winter.

The lines

Bring your body closer and turn me on

Shake your body girl

And give me what I want

Slide into position

Am giving you permission underscores these.

Incorporating Reggaeton beat, Halasana sounds happily encapsulating or catchy. The total arrangement is magical and thus is capable of taking you to a new height of orgasmic proportions. This has a potential of being regular hits in clubs, to be danced to all night long. You definitely would enjoy listening to it, over and over again, repeatedly

He combines synths and bass into a soothing euphony which makes you have an epiphany of wonderment and magic. The sound is fresh. The tunes and vibes are highly contagious to an extent that you can’t help but catch the Darshae fever. Which is a love fever. Darshae is able to reflect this feeling in this song. Darshae eases easily into the beats in a suave fashion which gives him a platform to finish strongly.



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