Upcoming Artist: 7 Ways Of Creating An Effective YouTube Channel

Upcoming Artist: 7 Ways Of Creating An Effective YouTube Channel

Owning a YouTube channel has become one way millions of artist all around the world share their music. Most artists have taken YouTube as the number s

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Owning a YouTube channel has become one way millions of artist all around the world share their music. Most artists have taken YouTube as the number source for their music.

As much so many artists are creating engagement with fans, generating income and enjoying what they love. We still do have some who can never hit a million YouTube views in total video uploads. It is saddening

7 ways of creating an effective YouTube account.

1. Use a custom photo background

A customised photo background tells a lot about your channel. It is the number one publicity stunt for your profile. A background picture of an artist can represent; Your style or pass a message concerning your current activities to your viewers.

When choosing a custom background photo, go for an image wider than 970 px in width. Also, make sure it contains some texts and social media profile names.

2. Set your channel category to “Music”

This will help your channel’s relevance. Go to settings when on your channel “Dashboard” and select your “Category” to be music. This helps in your video and channel relevance. Meaning you stand a good chance of being displayed to users whose interest is music and entertainment.


3. Add your social media and store links.

Here on Topafricmusicvideo, we do artist review and air our own live TV shows based on music video countdown of artist we promote. This means we will need to connect with some of this artist who we feel we do not have just enough info to tell our viewers about them. So we try to reach out to them through social media.

Mostly all we do have is a YouTube video link of these artists and a short bio. With few artists linking their Twitter and facebook accounts altogether, it makes the job easier for us to connect with them.

Also, think of it this way, lots of viewers would love to connect with you on other social media platforms. It is a perfect way for you to reach out to your potential fans on different social media platforms.

Don’t forget to link your iTunes, Amazon and Spotify accounts too.



4. Pick the right title for your videos

This really goes out to mostly independent artist uploading their personal works.

Example; “The Lovesong part 2 by Sanchez produced by Bethany(Big dreams records)”

Okay, a lot of words in the above titles are irrelevant preferably your title should go this way;

“The Lovesong- Sanchez (part 2)” Every other word can go below the description below your video.

Keeping your titles simple with a focused keyword (Lovesong) helps increases your YouTube search rank as you show up to users who are searching for other love songs.

5. Respond to every comment

I feel great each time my comment gets a respond. Apart from making a fan out there feel great, replying to comments encourages others to drop their comments too.

Though it could come in as criticism but no hard feelings. Take it in good faith and improve, take notes and connect better with your viewers/fans.

6. Feed your fans with various types of videos

A really dope song is trending it would be great if you take out your guitar and put your voice on it. It will increase your fan engagement online.

In other to create a really effective YouTube channel, learn to share numerous types of contents including backstage performances.

7. Pay for Ads

They are a lot of advice online on how you can get a lot of views by sticking to certain rules but that’s all talk talk talk. You got to make an investment.

A lot of artists prefer buying views to paying Google for proper publicity.

The sad thing about buying followers or views it that they are all irrelevant viewer and followers, a bunch of people who really don’t care about what you are doing.

Your Youtube career goes nowhere if your reach is not going out to a target audience (i.e people who really need your music). With YouTube advertising, you have a precise target of the demographics, interest and time your message get to potential fans.

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Do You have any tips for improving your YouTube Channel? What’s worked and what hasn’t? Let us know in the comments below.

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