The Ugly Side Of Usher

The Ugly Side Of Usher

At a point when an artist releases a record titled Confessions, you know there's a skeleton or two stowed away in his wardrobe. While we adore his mus

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Usher Accuser Reportedly Lied About Making Sex Tape With Him
Usher Lawsuit Accuser Says He Never Mentioned Herpes Before Sexual Contact

At a point when an artist releases a record titled Confessions, you know there’s a skeleton or two stowed away in his wardrobe. While we adore his music, there’s no contradiction that Usher appears somewhat shady—particularly as of late.

Here are all the grimy points of interest that are certain to make you say “OMG”.

He had a rough breakup with girlfriend Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas

Usher and Chilli

In spite of giving off an impression of being the ideal couple, they evidently had a tremendous dropping out. In the wake of separating in December 2003, Thomas went to Atlanta’s Q100’s The Bert Show (via People) and told the world that Usher “did a definitive no-no.”

“I will never be with him again, and that is that,” she told the radio show. “He portrayed himself to be this honest and great guy, and he really wasn’t.”

Usher’s 2004 album Confessions, which dropped not long after the two went their different ways, just added to the bits of gossip that he’d undermined Thomas. In the wake of hearing his new melodies highlighting verses like “My chick on the side, said she got one on the way” many fans accepted Usher was telling the truth.

Although, is unfaithfulness might not have been what finished their relationship. In 2013, Chili denied all bits of gossip that Usher undermined her, including that he was her “first adult love, real love” according to US weekly.

He called it quits with his wife after she suffered a major health scare

Usher and Tameka

A couple of years after Usher broke up with Thomas, he got hitched to beautician Tameka Foster. But their conjugal ecstasy didn’t keep going long. After having two children together, Usher, who apparently hadn’t been living with Foster for quite a while, petitioned for a divorce in 2009 less than a year after their second child was born. As if that weren’t bad enough, Foster had as of late encountered a huge health scare just months earlier.

As indicated by People, Foster had endured heart failure after encountering a contrary response to anaesthesia while undergoing liposuction in Brazil. She was resuscitated by doctors and put into a medically induced coma. While Usher reportedly cancelled one of his shows to be by her side, divorcing his wife so soon after she gave birth to his child AND fell into a coma doesn’t make him sound too great.

They battled it out for full custody of their kids

Usher and Tameka in court

Usher and Foster lawful break up may have been decided in 2009, however they kept on going to court over care of their kids, while usher had been granted primary custody of their two sons, Foster later called for an emergency hearing in an attempt to win back custody of her children after their eldest son nearly drowned at Usher’s home. According to People, she accused Usher of being “unresponsive” to her, being an “absentee father,” and providing their kids with “unfit supervision.”

Hollywood Life reported that Foster also claimed that Usher would rather go out partying than stay at home with their children, allegedly prompting the singer to tear up in the courtroom.

She reportedly accused him of cheating on her with her bridesmaid

Tameka Foster

Foster claimed that Usher went behind her back with her former bridesmaid and their kids’ nanny, Maya Fox Davis. Amid an interrogation, Foster’s legal counsellor allegedly got some information about the kids’ different babysitters, inquiring as to whether Davis quit “because you were discovered in bed with her.”

In response, Usher reportedly made a face and his lawyer quickly objected to the question.

At last, the court decided that Usher would keep up essential care of the youngsters, however, he felt terrible about the result. People notes that after the verdict was read, he hugged Foster and whispered, “I’m sorry.”

He moved on quickly


It’s safe to say there was some enmity amongst Usher and Foster after their division. In any case, Usher made it a stride more remote than most exes when he showed up on Oprah Winfrey’s show Oprah’s Next Chapter in 2012. While he opened up about his agonizing split, he made one thing clear: He pointed the finger at Foster for their trainwreck of a relationship.

“I really felt like we were friends,” he told Winfrey (via ABC News). “She made us enemies in a way that I could never understand.”

He stated that toward the finish of their marriage, he felt “lost” and frantically needed to figure out how to end things. In any case, he says he didn’t undermine her inwardly, that is. “No. I was faithful at heart, but not faithful all the way,” he explained. “Even having a conversation with another woman, period, about matters of your relationship or emotions is, in my opinion, not being faithful.”

So what does that mean precisely? Well, that he’d laid down with another lady while he was married, apparently—but not until he and Foster were separated, he said. For someone who claimed to be so distraught by his failed marriage, it didn’t take him long to move on.

He remarried in secret

Usher and Grace Miguel

Usher got married to wife Grace Miguel (real name Michelle Grace Harry) in Cuba in 2015, spending their vacation there a short time later. But why all the secrecy surrounding their relationship? They’d been as one or possibly they’d been impractically connected since 2009, according to the NY Daily News, so it’s not like a wedding was exactly unexpected.

Perhaps it needs to do with the objection to Usher’s family. The NY Daily News noticed that Usher’s mother, Jonetta Patton, was not very happy about her child’s association with Miguel. As indicated by the paper, Miguel got Patton expelled from her administration position, in the long run assuming control over that same position—much to the dismay of Usher’s record label.

He skipped out on One Love Manchester

One Love Manchester

While Usher was relied upon to show up at One Love Manchester—the fundraising event to help victims of the Manchester terrorist attack at a May 2017 Ariana Grande concert—he never showed up, leaving fans quite confounded 

In any case, Usher took to Instagram to explain his absence from the concert “I would have loved to be there but It was my son’s first day at Camp Kudzu, one of the few summer camps for kids living with diabetes,” he wrote on Instagram. “This was an important day for him and for myself as a proud father.”

He may have cheated on his second wife


As we have stated Usher is no stranger infidelity rumours. But, with a new wife, you’d think his alleged cheating ways would be a thing of the past.  Shockingly, the talk process hasn’t backed off one piece.

According to Media Take Out (via Heavy), Usher was forced to cancel the last leg of his 2012 tour when Miguel found out that he was allegedly involved with a backup dancer—though the official story is that Usher broke three ribs. 

He was supposedly later spotted getting benevolent with “a tatted up beauty” in Hawaii. Nonetheless, Gossip Cop later guaranteed that Usher and the lady were simply companions. 

He allegedly gave a woman an STD


Usher made headlines in July 2017 when Radar Online detailed that he was sued for having intercourse with a lady without disclosing to her that he conveyed the hopeless herpes infection.

According to reports, the lady, a celebrity stylist, said she once observed Usher’s penis discharge a “greenish release,” but at the same time, he’d purportedly persuaded her that he’d test negative for STDs. And, as Usher supposedly displayed no different manifestations as an “asymptomatic bearer,” the two kept having unprotected sex.

However, the lady, whose character has stayed private, soon understood that she was given an STD. She apparently woke up one day “feeling exceptionally debilitated” with a “fever of 100 degrees, chills, headache, and aches and pains.” Noticing “lesions and blisters in her vagina,” she visited a doctor, who soon diagnosed her with herpes.

Usher supposedly paid for the lady’s medical expenses, totalling $2,754.40, at the same time, after professedly stating that he sure convey the herpes infection, he soon needed to hack up a ton more money. On Dec. 28, 2012, he settled the question, consenting to pay an incredible $1.1 million.

He’s been sued for exposing a second woman to herpes


After Usher’s reported lawsuit with the celebrity stylist was exposed, another lady emerged claiming that the singer had unprotected sex with her without enlightening her regarding his STD which is a wrongdoing in the province of California. 

According to TMZ, the lady alluded to as Jane Doe in reports, recorded a claim against Usher, blaming him for carelessness and emotional distress for heedlessly presenting her to the herpes infection.

However, days later, TMZ reported that the same woman discovered that, after receiving test results from her doctor, she now allegedly carries the herpes virus. In response to the devastating news, her lawsuit was upped to $20 million.

STD exposure accusations multiply


On Aug. 4, 2017, TMZ announced that two ladies and one man employed celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom who’s represented the likes of Mischa Barton and Blac Chyna in their respective revenge porn cases. According to the gossip rag, Usher had allegedly engaged in vaginal sex with at least one of the women and in oral sex with the man.

In a question and answer session on Aug. 6 (via ABC News), one accuser, identified as Quantasia Sharpton, came forward, telling reporters, “I feel that my rights were violated.” She claimed she met Usher after his security guards contacted her during one of his shows where she’d been having her nineteenth birthday celebration. The two purportedly later met in a hotel, where she said they had unprotected sex. 

Court docs supposedly state that every one of the three accusers who are suing Usher for neglecting to uncover his charged herpes finding before taking part in sexual intercourse with them, suffered extreme emotional distress, depression, and anxiety after learning that Usher may carry the STD.

While Sharpton admitted that she has tested negative for herpes, Bloom affirmed that one of her other clients, who wish to keep his/her character private, has tested positive, TMZ announced. 

Blossom additionally says that she’s been in contact with other potential clients, who have blamed Usher for comparative violations.

Usher has yet to publicly comment on any of the STD allegations.



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