The Single “Savages” is Simply Ice Cold!

The Single “Savages” is Simply Ice Cold!

As the saying goes "only a thief can cathch a thief" so it is clear that only a "Savage" can make "Savages".

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The track “Savages” is simply ice cold! The minute the track starts playing it freezes your veins with the police sirens and beats then Dalmas Emmanuel seals the cold blooded deal with his smooth but lethal rapping.

The minute I heard this track my jaws actually dropped due to the amazing talent and hard work  I could hear immediately.  I savagely dropped my cup hot coffee as I listened to this work of art. You can literally feel the beats and the rappers voice deep within your soul.

The Savage beats keep you moving all through the 3 minute track. While the rappers style and lyrics keep you mentally hooked and makes you wanna listen over and over again so that you hear every single word again.

No doubt that this artist is inspired by “Wiz Khalifah” because the rap style is quite similar to that of Wiz. The beat also does slightly remind me of “We dem boyz”, a hit track by “Wiz Khalifah”.

The artist “Emmanuel DALMAS” who is also known as Manutube, is an emerging musician, composer, and producer based in Odos, France. He is quickly gaining favor for his unique takes on EDM, pop, and soundtrack styles. He is a solo artist who plays piano, saxophone, flute, and violin and has also developed a high level of skill in electronic production.

He was definitely a Savage while making “Savages”. Because as the saying goes “only a thief can cathch a thief” so it is clear that only a “Savage” can make “Savages”.

So go check out this Savages’ work of art by visiting the following links

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