“STEAM” The New Album by “St. Geo” is Powerful

“STEAM” The New Album by “St. Geo” is Powerful

St. Geo turns into a lyrical surgeon in "Dangerous People". His style will take you back to when Hip-hop was truly a lyrical artwork. You must listen to this track so you understand what 90's style of hip hop sounds like.

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About St. Geo
St. Geo has just put out his powerful new project “STEAM.” The album details the artist’s personal struggle with power, drive, and relationships. He delves into themes of societal isolation and the desire for connectivity. “STEAM” has been flawlessly woven together with deep bass lines and his distinct flow. St. Geo brings his audience elements of unity in diversity and a sense of community even while on their own paths.

The Album “steam” has 7 wonderful tracks on it. Starting from track 1 entitled “Steam” all the way to track 7 entitled “1 more ride” all have powerful lyrics and beautiful music.

You have to listen to the lyrics of St. Geo’s music in order to feel his music. In track 1 he says “Asian lady selling bootleg movies” is referred to as “Steam”. So I guess he is trying to say that the steam from the underground world is not being heard or felt by the rest of the world. I could be wrong but that is why you have to listen to him and draw your own conclusion on the song.
In “Electric Revival”, it seems like St. Geo talks about people in his city not trusting cops and how everyone wants to be the king. The intro sounds like a script from a “Denzel Washington” movie and the music is dope. It really sounds good so take a listen to it.

St. Geo turns into a lyrical surgeon in “Dangerous People“. His style will take you back to when Hip-hop was truly a lyrical artwork. You must listen to this track so you understand what 90’s style of hip hop sounds like.

Look of Lords” reminds me of “Brenda’s got a baby” by the late hip hop star who goes by the name of “Tupac“. In this track St.Geo makes reference to a 16 year of girl being pregnant. I know you are wondering exactly what he means by this scenario. Well, the only way to find out is to listen to it and get the entire gist by yourself.

“Walks right past Puff, didn’t say hi to Diddy” is a quote from “Strobe Light” his 5th track on the “Steam” Album. I would truly love to ask Mr. St. Geo what he meant by this phrase because its truly lyrical genius. If I had to take a guess on what he meant, I would have to say that most people saw the head which was “The Notorious B.I.G” but did not acknowledge “Puff Daddy” the brains behind head. Once again I might be wrong in my interpretations and that is the reason I encourage you to listen to the music yourself and come up with your own review or interpretation.

I love the music and the beats in “Queen save the God“. The lyrics are pretty deep because it sounds like he is talking about something deep happening in his city related to power. St. Geo will have to explain to us what he is talking about. One thing I observed is the fact that his rap style is definitely influenced by “The Notorious B.I.G” the late great hip hop star.

1 more ride” deserves your utmost attention. Music is on point! Lyrics might be over your head but take your time and listen to it. He wants to take 1 more ride before the Lord comes and takes him away. 1 more ride to what or where is the question.

You will have fun listening to St. Geo. So don’t miss it.
STEAM” is out now on all streaming platforms. Follow St. Geo on Instagram for news and updates.


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