Review on “Royalty Fees” by King EmErY ft. N’Less

Review on “Royalty Fees” by King EmErY ft. N’Less

  About KiNg EmErY KiNg EmErY is a rapper originally from Dallas, TX. He discovered his talent for rapping when he was in the 3rd grade,and has been

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About KiNg EmErY

KiNg EmErY is a rapper originally from Dallas, TX. He discovered his talent for rapping when he was in the 3rd grade,and has been using music as a way to express himself and deal with obstacles in his life ever since. In 2018, KiNg EmErY recorded his mixtape “Critically Acclaimed” which garnered national attention. He also launched his own independent record label “Money Maker Nation”. His current project is the Album “Royalty Fees” with fellow artist N’Less Fee. 

We took a listen to the Album and here’s what we think  about it.

Track 1. Old Relationships

Yeah I stay equipped, run up on me and this chopper’s gone rip” is just an excerpt from the track “Old Relationships” by “King EmErY, N’Less Fee.  He definitely rips on you with the lyrics in this track.  He kinda sounds like “Offset”  an American rapper, singer and songwriter from the trap music trio Migos.  In Old Relationships it sounds like they are talking about leaving the old life behind and starting a new life but at the same time, they ain’t no punk so just because they starting new doesn’t mean they are not about that life.  So don’t step to them or else you might get stepped on

Track 2: $tar

I must say I like the intro beat to this track right before he jumps into the hook which starts with “Bitch I’m a $tar”.  King EmErY finesses this track with quick draw trap music style which jumps right straight into your face.  He is a no hold back kinda artist who really has no time for haters and you can hear it in this track.  You simply gotta listen to it and judge for your self.

Track 3: Drip

If you like that southern style type of beat or sound then you gonna love Drip.  Honestly, the beat and melody reminds me of the track from “Swishahouse”  entitled “Still Tippin” which featured Mike Jones, Paul Wall, and Houston’s finest “Slim Thug”.  Drip truly will have you feening for more sound from King EmErY.  So what exactly does he mean when he says Drip?  Part of the hook says “fresh from head to toe we drip”  and another part says “yeah you know we got the drip”.  So Drip can truly mean what you want it to mean.  If you fresh out the barber then you know you drip dripping.  If you hustling and making that money then you know you got the drip.  So he got you thinking with his lyrics.

Track 4: Texas Hustle

He does what we call “riding the beats” in the beginning of the track.  That is basically when the rapper or trapper spits really fast or raps really fast and the rapping becomes the beat itself without any beats. Lol. Its not as easy as it sounds.  But King EmErY sure made it sound easy.  He shows us his talent in this track and also displays a different style of trapping which  tells us that he is pretty versatile and is not afraid to try new things.  Good work

Track 5: Super Soaker

Super Soaker is all about that bitch that’s got your back no matter what.  She is down to ride with you kind of like “Bonny and Clyde” or should I say kind of like “Jay Z and Beyonce”.  She ready to hold that nine and pop whatever or whoever.  She is also independent and is ready to help a Nigga out when he is down to his last dollar.  And on top of it all she got a super soaker or that wet wet which is good when you both doing your thing in the bed.  This track is definitely for the ride or die bitches out there.  Take a listen and you will enjoy it.

Look for the release of King EmErY’s first full album in April 2020. You can listen to “Royalty Fees” on Apple Music and YouTube. Follow KiNg EmErY on Instagram


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