Review on “Norma Jeane” by Sensational Alisa Chirco

Review on “Norma Jeane” by Sensational Alisa Chirco

The sounds in Norma Jeane are uniquely played to exude her vocal range. This makes this song a song to treasure in your heart.

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Alisa Chirco, a recording artist, hails from Detroit. She has been on an upward trajectory since breaking into the scene. Her parallel beauty is also reflected in her voice. She is signed to Bella Voce. Although she started her career singing ballads, she has been able to carve a niche for herself in other genre, especially in alternative pop, which she has embraced with warm hands. It has also helped her to adapt her vocal range to sooth her genre. This launches her as an artist with great vocal prowess that can charm you into a state of trance.  

Her vocals can be compared to English singer and song writer Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, widely known as Adele.  But I could also hear a bit of Alanis Morrisette in her voice, isn’t it ironic?

She performed some scintillating scores in which she was able to show how far her vocal range can allow her use her vibrato. This gives her the desired freedom to effortlessly sing her choruses. This comes out incredibly, from audio to video. 

Alisa is a pure gift. A raw talent that knows and worth her onions. Little wonder it rubs off on her work.

Listening to her song, will suck you in. You will have no choice but to soak your body mind and soul in it. That is how charming and soothing her vocals are. Her song is deeply challenging as they also get better with new releases as marked improvements are noticed in her song, “Give me more” versus “Box”.

In Norma Jeane, she describes how she desires a love interest, an old school love, as she succinctly puts it without equivocation, dresses and makes up to meet him.  

In the line, 

Dressing up 

Making up, 

Just to see you boy

That is love right there

She expresses her desire to cozy up, which is expressed in the line

Make some noise in your bed.

 May I  want you

May I feel ya

For the umpteenth time, you will definitely notice her powerful voice as the tempo rises in the chorus, with the instrumentals playing second fiddle. This is her trademark. The sounds in Norma Jeane are uniquely played to exude her vocal range. This makes this song a song to treasure in your heart. It also takes you back in time to when you first met your partner and how exciting it was. You will also notice the high energy level and the strong attitude in her performance. Against this background, I am excited and can’t wait for her next release, as she has shown that she has the knack to surprise with breath taking vocals and well sculpted performance.


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