Review on Joffrey Lorquet’s Track Entitled: History  – ft. Tara Louise

Review on Joffrey Lorquet’s Track Entitled: History – ft. Tara Louise

Hard to control myself You're here with someone else Maybe there's still a part of me Wanting to keep you endlessly

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The track “History” is definitely an electric and house mixture kind of track.  It starts off with Tara Louise’s powerful vocals with Joffrey Lorquet’s beautiful DJ slash record producer mix hitting.

Jofferey Lorquet, a Haitian born singer, song writer and producer has got everything it takes to reach the heights of his trade and remain in orbit. The progressive, big room and trap purists, who is curently based in Port- au- prince, continues to put in a descent shift to get a well-deserved exposure.  

“History” is a song in which Jofferey featuring Tara Louise, regrets making a former lover history, despite having the chance to avert that situation, as encapsulated in the lines below.

Hard to control myself
You’re here with someone else
Maybe there’s still a part of me
Wanting to keep you endlessly

Gotta get a grip on this
Thinking of all the things that I miss
I was wrong and I confess
Giving you up made my life a mess

This is a song that synthesizes with live experience in the sense that many people can relate to it especially if you are in a situation of paying the price for wanting someone you treated badly back when the person was with you. 

It’s a balance between a classic electro-Pop Rock and R&B. The intro is eminently catchy as the singer gradually eases into ambience with ‘Hard to control myself” and “You here with someone else”.

A pop-rock guitar is juxtaposed with a bass-booming reverb-drenched percussion as Jofferey Lorquet informs the listeners of the regrets he is faced with for making someone, who was part of his life, a history. 

The chord progression of the instruments and the vocal span of the singer are like a dream tag team. This song brings about the goodness of a power-pop punch of guitar strumming and finger tapping.

The music video contains different vibrantly colorful visualizers and sing along lyrics.

This is such a modestly refreshing song especially in an age where humility might not be the order of the day.

This track is steady making waves with over 18,000 plays on soundcloud and 4000 plays on spotify

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