Revealing The Latest Must-Have Audio Gadgets

Revealing The Latest Must-Have Audio Gadgets

If you’re a self-confessed audiophile, listen up. In this article we’re looking into some of the hottest trending audio devices that will change the w

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If you’re a self-confessed audiophile, listen up. In this article we’re looking into some of the hottest trending audio devices that will change the way you listen to your favourite music. From modern versions of vintage classics to ultra futuristic speakers, these gadgets represent the latest in sound technology and we can’t wait to share them with you.

The Modern Turntable

 One of the most loved pieces of musical equipment is the turntable. Ever since the invention of the phonograph in the late 1880’s, the record player has been iconic in the music industry. In the last decades, we started to lose touch with this beloved equipment that epitomized the youth of our parents and grandparents. Our LP’s become replaced with CD’s and most recently online streaming services like Pandora.

This year, turntables have undergone a major revival. The best Bluetooth turntable represents the perfect combination of retro looks and modern sound. They pair with your smart devices like your iPhone and Android to give life to your Spotify playlists as well as allowing you to spin any vinyl of your choice in 33 1/3 and 45 RPM. Since the new Bluetooth turntables hit the stores, music production companies have brought out vinyl record versions of even the hottest new albums like Drake’s Scorpion. These smart turntables are definitely here to stay. 

The New Boombox


Keeping with the retro theme, if you spent your 80’s carrying around a boombox to start an instant party anywhere you went, you’ll love this. The boombox is back with a whole new design and modern specifications. Although we miss the good old days of the cassette boombox, we’re glad to see the end of the clunky stereos and screechy sound. Now you can get a super slick wireless boombox for cheap that not only looks cool but also is packed to the rafters with useful features such as being water and dirt proof. That means the spirit of portability is still there. You can take the boombox with you to house parties, beaches and camping trips. Still you’ll want to ensure you’re getting top quality, so before you buy, check out reviews from audio experts like

Levitating Speakers

When we first heard the term floating Bluetooth speaker, we assumed it was something that can simply be submerged in water. That’s technically accurate as there are plenty of great waterproof speakers out there. But what we’re talking about is a wireless floating bluetooth speakers that actually float (or levitate). These super futuristic speakers work using a magnetic base that allows the speaker to levitate above it giving you 360-degree surround sound. Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity, the speaker can also pair with your smart phone and tablet to take your calls.

The design may look like something out of Star Wars but these next generation speakers perform to such a high standard that we’re starting to see them everywhere from homes to office blocks. There are a ton of different designs available from indie brands to big names like LG. Take a minute to do some online research to find one that you like. The best part is that prices are coming down so now is a great time to bag yourself a bargain.

Whether you’re into the classical retro charm of the turntable or the most ultra modern audio gadgets like the floating speaker, the future of our audio looks exciting. We can’t wait for the next chapter.





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