11. “Razteria” On Being An Independent Artist.

11. “Razteria” On Being An Independent Artist.

I will be sharing with you today the pros and cons of being an independent artist; Sorry I mean how to be a successful independent artist. As a re

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I will be sharing with you today the pros and cons of being an independent artist; Sorry I mean how to be a successful independent artist. As a recording or performing artist, you would often wonder if writing music is easier when you got a team of songwriters and behind-the-screen crew.

I take a little tour talking about “Razteria” an independent artist. She is currently doing an international production tour to create collaborations with musicians, producers and bands. Nothing can beat the fun of playing with a band but on the other side, being a solo artist, you get to keep more. But to make good music and fun for you as the artist, collaborations create good and original music.

So, let’s dive into the pros and cons of being a successful independent artist Using “Razteria’s” musical journey as our case study.



You Get your freedom.



As an independent artist, you don’t only get to enjoy only a good ratio of your hard work. Another benefit of being independent is your freedom. When I talk about freedom I mean freedom in who you choose to work with.

Razteria as an independent artist has a wide experience in working with multiple artists from different countries, different entities and genre of music. Still much in progress, Razteria has gotten to achieve a lot. She has worked with artist from Buenos Aires – Argentina (reggae, Patagonian folklore, fusion), Bolivia (Cochabamba and Laz Paz, rap, reggae, fusion) and with an artist from Burkina Faso- who is based in the SF bay area. Her music and independence has given her freedom of deciding where she wants her music to reach out to.


As much as it is awesomely great to get to do what you want and with who you want to do it with as an artist. Getting to connect with an artist you wish to work with can get difficult as you get to do the follow ups and connections all alone unlike when you got a team doing that for you while you pursue other aspects of your career. Razteria spoke about her journey as an independent artist being challenging and one that humbles her. It wouldn’t be easy but it’s worth doing.

You Don’t Own A Music.


Have you ever felt like a certain artist you love is doing just one kind of music? Just like they are not exploring and trying to add a little and different feel to their music. When you get to meet Razteria as an independent artist and what she has been doing so far with her music, you will find out that; She has been able to explore almost all kinds of music. she said, “Travelling is a catalyst and expands my creativity”. It is always good to try out new things in a career to see what works better for you.


As an artist, the market is totally not understandable, what’s in trend today might be outdated before nightfall. That’s why a lot of artists pay teams that can influence their music in ways that make them top charts and sales. Sometimes it serves a good purpose to have professionals handpick what you work on next or stick to.

You Work Free, Work Happy.


Sometimes it is easier to write alone and make plans on what you want to do next. Working with one team can make you as an artist unhappy doing what you love. Believe me, inspirations come from somewhere and whoever you are paying for their inspirations is getting them from somewhere. And when you are not loving it, thinks could get hard and messy. A lot of Razteria’s works are multi-lingual and cross- cultural and that is what she has been able to achieve this being independent. Her goals are set to be achieved on April 2017 when she aims at finishing up her album. Most of her works involve working with local star artist that she feels would bring good to her career and her listeners will appretiate.


Songwriting could be easier when you have a team but when you don’t feel comfortable having other people’s decisions affect your music, it’s better you work solo. Also a team of people planning your tours an album could affect your progress in three ways, namely;

  1. The public sees you the way your team and management wants.
  2. Certain dates and locations are not influenced by you.
  3. Sometimes, two heads are better than one and too many cooks spoil the broth.

Expanding on Razteria’s Dreams and Music.

In her journey as an independent artist, she hopes this year hold lots of projects. She wants to expand beyond anything she has ever done as a career lady. And that’s really good to taste every field in what you do.

With her music currently going international, she is on a tour to create collaborations with musicians, bands and engineers.

One of her recent live features was with Rahman Jamaal.


Throughout her career as an artist, Razteria gave a comment saying, “I feel so very fortunate to be able to pursue this creative path”. And this just how every other independent artist out there should feel. Sharing your music the way you want it gives every artist a sense of accomplishment.

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