15. The Project Road Trip 2017 with Jesse JL, Fabian Bansh, and Dj Dam Black.

15. The Project Road Trip 2017 with Jesse JL, Fabian Bansh, and Dj Dam Black.

About Jesse JLBorn Jesse Kolb in Mannheim, Germany but popularly known as Jesse JL which he likes to call "Jesse living".  In our preview about him fo

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About Jesse JL

Born Jesse Kolb in Mannheim, Germany but popularly known as Jesse JL which he likes to call “Jesse living”.  In our preview about him focusing on his artistic creativity and poetry. Jesse turns poetry into rap lines he calls it Rhythm and Poetry.



About Project Road Trip

“Project Road Trip” started 2016 at the voice of Germany when Jesse met a talented young artist and they started beatboxing and freestyling at the voice of Germany.
In the beginning, it was Jesse JL and Bansh with the idea. At the voice of Germany they were singing, doing freestyles, beatboxing and it was through this platform the idea behind Project Road Trip started. 

“we thought, if we could get people turn around for this, it will be cool we started doing interviews, shows and tour independently without any major record label.” Jesse JL expresses about his project.

The goal was defined and Jesse had to start putting up something. Then he met Dam Black who is currently working on all Project Road Trip’s production. He share more details about their first project with Dam Black saying;

“Fabian aka Bansh, who was a friend introduced me to a producer, Dam Black who was producing all the stuff. We started  scouting for artists that we needed to make up the perfect piece. At first, it was all written over the social media then  Bansh(fabian) and I met up and we did the song Chemistry.

7 songs had already been written by Me(Jesse JL) and Fabian which was produced by Dam Black in Mannheim. Me and fabian met up at Dam Black studio in Mannheim and made history, we wrote seven songs for the PRT volume 1″. All the tracks were written by me(Jesse), Fabian, and Dam Black.


So far on Project Road Trip, There is no Big Label involved, it was all independently by the guys. Jesse perfectly understands what is required to make it happen so he did so much, by putting in all the money to make sure the history is made.

You Know we had no major label involved, we’ve been doing everything independently, i just drop the money and providing the fundings. Then me and Fabian Write the songs while Dam Black make the beat and the production.

Right now, PRT is on Antena, Radio Station all over Germany, PRT is on Mix Boxes in Germany and Australia which is the Headquater. We are getting mad turn around, people want to be part of this. I realise i needed no label to get on the radio, we just doing everything independently and making the history.

I would Love to make a shoutout to TopAfric Music  Video, Mr. Ricky and his team is doing a good job. With his team and mine, its a limitless process because there is no way this can fail.


Dj Dam Black

The owner of Dam Black Studio where all the production magic is been happening for Jesse JL and The Project Road Trip 2017. 


About The Artists

Sandrine Wydra

Sandrine Wydra is a singer, cover artist and songwriter. The incredible artist hails from Munich, Germany. 

She is currently on the “Project Road Trip” with “Jesse JL”. To Sandrine, Project Roadtrip is a natural thing. she goes in deep about what “Project road Trip” is to her by saying “when the project formed. We took our different styles and our experience to create something unique. PRT is a creative project showing a new sound and new very different characters together as a unit.”


Fabian Storzum AKA Bansh

AKA Bansh is very talented artist Beat Box, sings and also plays some instruments.







Benjamin Kleinholz AKA Benji

Benjamin Kleinholz “Benji” was born in Velbert on August 30th, 1993 and has already discovered his love for music in recent years. With just 9 years, the rapper began to write sensitive lyrics and then pack them into rhymes. At the age of 17, he experienced a lot of ups and downs in his life. Drugs, alcohol, and parties became a major part of his life.

With the help of music he managed to overcome this difficult time. He wrote again new texts and found in it a possibility to release his frustration, free of forbidden substances. At the beginning of the year 2015 his own Facebook site went online, which he raised under the name “Benjamin Kleinholz – music page” and continues to operate actively.


Carole Curty

I Think Music is Healing. Its an explosive expression of Humanity. Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understands





Jasmine J Grey

J Grey is a party outgoing wild chick that can jump on a party track and just bring the beat back 2 life is also part of the group of PRT with a beautiful voice and she is also a teacher.

So far on Project Trip there are no big names, everything is done independently. No record label is involved. Jesse has been finding and providing all the capital which speaks for the much commitment and the zeal to make the PRT blow.
And another notable individual has been Fabian and Dam Black who has been doing the production and beat.

“Everything is independent you know we had no major label, we have been doing everything independently and  I just drop the money and providing the funds then I write the songs, Me and Fabian the Dam Black produce the beat” Jesse says

In a quest to spread the word, right now PRT is on Antenna, Radio station all over Germany. PRT is on mix boxes in Germany and Australia which is the head quarter. They are mad turn-ups and people want to be part of it. Jesse and his crew are independently building everything and making the history.


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