Jesse JL: The Project “Road Trip”

Jesse JL: The Project “Road Trip”

Every child is born an artist. The problem is how they remain an artist once they grow up.  Every child has a gift, we are all born artist not until w

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Every child is born an artist. The problem is how they remain an artist once they grow up.  Every child has a gift, we are all born artist not until we grow up into understanding the complicated financial institution we have created for ourselves. I mean I clearly remember moments while growing up where I penned down my feelings and expressed my poetry all on sheets. But to those who have proven themselves strong on their passion, remained motivated and poetic; We decide it is worth having the limelight on how the keep their positive vibes.

Me, Poetry and Words.

Am not talking about me here. We felt it would be great to talk about the creativity of one of that poetic artist doing music as the inspiration wills. A peep into the life of a young boy raised from Mannheim, Germany who fell in love with poetry at an early age and that passion grew. Life could get easy for us when we do what we love and do it right. Jesse Kolb as a kid growing up had a tough time keeping up with his literature and writings but turned into exploring and building up what he could achieve from poetry. Quickly he caught the attention of his teachers and served as an encouragement for Jesse as that fire kept burning. He caught the attention of his teachers and this served as an encouragement for Jesse; That fire kept burning till when he was 18 years old. At this point, it all got clear that he should make something out of what he has always been doing. At a good time producer Ron Pearson picked him up and He has been known by the stage name JL. According to Jesse, deep inside him, he saw the genre Rap as Rhythm and Poetry; A combination of what He has been doing since his days of hiding and seek and what he had to learn. So, from doing it out just passion to actually sharing your feelings, make a name and get settled. This was the starting future for Jesse. The future was mastering tempos, Rhymes and dissecting every beat. Just nine months into turning his passion into a career;, Jesse was still adamant about being known to his fans as an artist and not a rapper. Putting out more expression into his work, Jesse considers it all as poetry and even though from a lot of perspectives; Addressed as “Artist” while spitting hot rhymes could get you underrated. But drawing out Jesse’s achievements into the music industry is truly remarkable.

The Future And Achievements For Jesse.

Am always eager to know more about what the artist have in stock for their career and the fans. In a list of JL’s achievements, he has been given an opportunity to open up to some of the most renowned names in the industry. Ranging from Yo Gotti, Waka Flocka, Soulja Boy, Nelly just to mention a few. The future to JL has always been spreading his work right out there to the people he wants to reach out to. He shares one of the biggest events in his career as he got to perform to over 25,000 people in Moscow(see video below).   The fun never stopped, JL always expanded his reach when he performed in Bredene, Belguim. see video below. Jesse through his lyrics shares his stories through hardship and his triumph in life. His lyrics are shared and flows in the dopest form.

What’s In Store? – “Project Road Trip”

“Project Road Trip” started 2016 at the voice of Germany when Jesse met a talented young artist and they started beatboxing and freestyling at the voice of Germany.
In the beginning, it was Jesse JL and Bansh with the idea. At the voice of Germany they were singing, doing freestyles, beatboxing and it was through this platform the idea behind Project Road Trip started. 

Jesse teams up with up with 5 creativity and talented to push positive vibes. Follow up Jesse JL on social media and get updates as he takes live music and art to a whole new creativity.


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