“On The Road” By Violinist – “Asher Laub” is Infectious

“On The Road” By Violinist – “Asher Laub” is Infectious

Asher will infect you with his sound and be warned that there is no cure for this infection.  So listen at your own risk!

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Asher Laub makes the Violin sound so cool, he makes me just wanna go buy one right now and start learning. OMG! I have never heard the violin played so energetically but yet so smooth and amazing. In the track which he entitled “On The Road,” you hear so many different genres of music ranging from pop, hip hop, dance, house and many more.

I must say that this is definitely a unique sound and a new breath of fresh air being infused into the universe we know as music today.  Asher is truly talented and magical at the same time with his violin and music composition. 

He will infect you with his sound and be warned that there is no cure for this infection.  So listen at your own risk!

About Asher Laub:

Asher Laub is a Long Island, New York-based electric violinist, electronic producer, and high energy performer. He holds three advanced degrees in the sciences from New York University and was a full time science teacher for four years in the New York Department of Education. Asher’s notable music career began with classical violin training at the age of 2, eventually leading to his first formal concert with the Buffalo Philharmonic at the age of 13. Now, with a growing fan base of his very own, Asher is working to influence societal norms and conventional thinking about music performance.

In 2014, he confronted health issues that could potentially be life-altering, particularly for a musician, and used that as an opportunity to reinvent himself. During this time, Asher learned to merge hip hop, pop, rock, EDM and other genres with breakdancing and acrobatic choreography.


Asher Laub is kicking off his On The Road tour on Jan. 23rd at Blackthorn 51 in Queens, NY. You can book your tickets here. Stay tuned for his upcoming tour dates in the tri-state area.

Follow Asher on YouTube, Spotify, Instagram and Facebook. Check out his website for news and updates.


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