New Music Video: Logic Ft Alessia Cara, Khalid – 1-800-273-8255 (Hope You Can Relate)

1-800-273-8255 by Logic is an anthem for suicide prevention, Logic goes ahead in promoting suicide prevention by releasing it's visual which tells a s

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1-800-273-8255 by Logic is an anthem for suicide prevention, Logic goes ahead in promoting suicide prevention by releasing it’s visual which tells a story of two teenagers who fall in love But when their parents seem to kick against their choices, sadness falls upon them. And one is put in the situation of thinking suicide or living on. 

Being under the pressure, Coy Stewart who stars in the video as one of the teens was caught up in between committing suicide. You can see from the visuals as he holds a gun right to his head but  eventually, he seems to call the suicide hotline,(1-800-273-8255) which the song is named after. 

In the end, a flash-forward sequence shows Stewart’s parents proudly attending his same-sex wedding and then gushing over their grandchild.

In an interview with Genius, Logic said:

So the first hook and verse is from the perspective of someone who is calling the hotline and they want to commit suicide. They want to kill themselves. They want to end their life. When I jumped on a tour bus that started in Los Angeles, California and I ended in New York City and did a fan tour where I went to fan’s houses and shared meals with them, hung out with them, played them my album before it came out. Them along with other people on tour, just fans that I met randomly, they’ve said things like, “Your music has saved my life. You’ve saved my life.” And I was always like, “Aw so nice of you. Thanks.” And I give them a hug and shit but in my mind, I’m like, “What the fuck?” And they’re really serious. And they tat shit on their arms and get shit like lyrics that save their life and in my mind, I was like, “Man I wasn’t even trying to save nobody’s life.” And then it hit me, the power that I have as an artist with a voice. I wasn’t even trying to save your life. Now what can happen if I actually did?.

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In his tweets earlier this week, Logic expand what compelled him to write the song, saying he “felt compelled to make a song that could actually” his fans “who are in a dark place and can’t seem to find the light.”


Logic also spoke Genuis, explaining his lyrics and what inspired him to write the song… watch below




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