Meet Da Musical Da Vincis of Hip Hop – Ross Victory

Meet Da Musical Da Vincis of Hip Hop – Ross Victory

About Ross Victory's musical artistry Music is a picture in the soul of its audience. While a lot of artists can make a sketch, Ross Victory, like

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About Ross Victory’s musical artistry

Music is a picture in the soul of its audience. While a lot of artists can make a sketch, Ross Victory, like a few musical Da Vincis knows how to paint a perfect picture. The music from Victory is soft, sonorous, and packed full with vibes he wants you to feel. Just like Beyoncé, Ne-Yo, and a host of other top music celebrities, Ross Victory’s captivating musical verve and mettle to stick to a particular musical identity is amazing. Ross Victory is doing the good stuff in music better than most artists and this is rare to find. Just to blow your mind further, he has Ne-yo hosting one of his tracks titled “My Fault”. 

Come with me as we dive into the artistic world of Ross Victory.

My Fault

With a little touch of vintage, the track “My fault” was delivered to perfection, making it my favourite track on the list. No wonder Ne-yo was on it! Honestly, everything Ne-Yo said at the beginning of the song is true, please go check it out. Listening to the song gives me the thrill I get from Ne-Yo but this time around it is coming  Ross Victory. Everything with Ross just keeps getting better and better. “My fault” is an emotional love song that talks about moments of blame and isolation. One exciting feature in this track is the sound of a trumpet fading at intervals in the background coupled with well-filtered and mixed beats. 


Ready for Love

Ready for love is another emotional love song that depicts Ross Victory ripe in love. In his world, he was willing to be understanding even to the point of separation. Due to his undying love, Ross Victory went further to confess that he still has room for his lover if she returns. The track started with a very soft piano syncopation then graduated into an absolute bliss of mixed emotions of Ross’ melodic voice, well-filtered kicks, hi-hat, and rhythmic base in the background. “Ready for love” belongs to the RnB and pop genres and it comprises an outro, two verses, and chorus. 

Perfect Winter 

Perfect winter is an RnB or Pop song that brings out the melodious vocal strength of Ross Victory. In this track, Ross just can’t stop talking about the euphoria of the perfect time he had with his partner. This song allows its listeners to picture and get lost in a world of imagination of the best time of their lives with the right one. Also, through the song, Ross Victory gives room to his audience to think of winter literally as it is or replace it with a moment of need or a season-specific to the individual where the presence or support of a partner would go a long way in making the situation a lot better. “Perfect winter” is a 2.57minutes song that has an intro, a verse, bridge, and a chorus.


On Edge

“On Edge” is a true Rhythm and Blue song full stop. Hats off to Ross Victory on this track. Without a doubt, you can easily get lost to the thrill the beat of this song gives. I just can’t get my mind off the palpitating deep kick that resonates at the back of my head or on my chest when I put on my headphone or when I’m playing it through a sound system. The track has lyrics like “keep me on edge” and “can’t get you out of my head” but in reality that’s what it does to you. The sonorous voice and well-mixed beats will simply put you “On Edge” and you may become addicted and “can’t get it out of your head”.

The artist

Ross Victory is a Southern California-based author, singer/songwriter, and product designer. Following the death of his father and sibling, Ross embarked on a journey of self-discovery, rekindling his early enthusiasm for writing and music production and beginning a freelance creative writing career. Victory has made it his life’s work to strengthen his community while delighting his listeners and readers. Victory offers a multi-format creative experience in Urban Adult Contemporary music and literature, focusing on creative non-fiction and thematic novellas.

Check him out on his website :

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