10. Meet The Queen B – “Bianca Clarke”

10. Meet The Queen B – “Bianca Clarke”

[amazon_link asins='0807856193,B000000LEC,0876501730,B0721PQGHH,B005J4FXDG,B005HEX7FY,B071KBLQY5,B01884SI7Q,B01LXW3MER' template='ProductCarousel' sto

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[amazon_link asins=’0807856193,B000000LEC,0876501730,B0721PQGHH,B005J4FXDG,B005HEX7FY,B071KBLQY5,B01884SI7Q,B01LXW3MER’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’nicolas0f-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’034557d8-559a-11e7-bd0c-71dc96fc476c’]  Move over Trina cos there is a new Bad Bitch in town and she is not only trying to take over Alabama but the whole dirty south. Bianca Clarke who goes by her real name even when on stage spitting rhymes and bars is was born in Mobile, Alabama and started sing at an early age of 10. Right now Queen B (as she calls herself) is definitely a hard hitting female rapper to reckon with. We got a chance to do an exclusive interview with her talking about her new track title “Queen” and her music and this is what she had to say: Focusing more on her inspirations, Bianca speaks saying; A: I get my inspirations from my life, from personal situations with family friends or even work related issues. I address my real life in all my musical creations. Bianca also opened up about those who inspire her in the rap game, stating the badest bitch in the rap game as the one she looks up to by saying; Nicki Minaj is my favorite artist currently because she does everything so great from songwriting to singing to rapping then performing and being a standout business woman as well. In exploring different genres in music, Queen B agreed with what we assumed which are Hip Hop and R&B. Identifying her biggest passion wrapped up in these genres she always expresses her love for all types of music.

Bianca For The Future.

Saying “I am a self-made Woman that worked for everything I have ever achieved in life and never accepted No for an answer. I went out and chased my dreams until they turned into goals.” Bianca speaks about her consistency to the game and that she is here to stay. “I was blessed enough to turn my hobby into my profession & lifestyle which is music and all things Entertainment related.” she said, viewing that as a starting point for her career. Talking about the progress she makes mention of writing all her own music and writing alot of other people’s music too.

Her Projects And Dream.

Speaking about getting a chance to share the stage with Nicki Minaj, Bianca draws a connection into more of her dreams saying, “My goal in life is to take care of my family and show them the finer things. I want to change the world with my music and make a difference for the females trying to make it in the music business!“

About The Track “Queen”

  “It’s a song for the Queens who don’t need a man. I’m saying you been chasing females, and I’m not crying over you. What inspired me was a past relationship” Bianca expresses.

All her music is available on…

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