Marc Marut Dazzles in “Fuck Covid 19”

Marc Marut Dazzles in “Fuck Covid 19”

It is about the travails and saga of the ravaging Covid-19 epidemic that has affected millions of lives the world over.

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“Fuck Covid 19” by Marc Marut from the band, Cool Ass, is a quintessential rock song. It is about the travails and saga of the ravaging Covid-19 epidemic that has affected millions of lives the world over. It basically describes the inherent frustrations people face as a direct consequence, chief among them is the total or partial lockdown of the basic everyday activities people carry out, including their means of livelihoods. The impacts and the frustrations also hit Marc in such a way that he had to stall his plans, stay at home while self-isolating which is very hard. All these and more, pressed upon his heart, the sympathy, which pushed him to pen down this song. The song also gives some healthy tips and time management strategy that would prove invaluable in this period.

The lyrics, occasionally having a funny thrill, are adorned by bold and august baritone vocals which add a different and exciting thrill to the regular rock music. The vocals are also well thought out while helping to project the reasons Covid-19 pandemic should end as quickly as possible. The electric guitars which are a trademark of rock music are conspicuously heard and distinctly blaring in the background while defining the Cool Ass band’s sound. The imposing drums dish out beats that would get you moving to the left, to the right, to the front and to the back, in a rhythmic dance routine fashion. The accompanying tuneful synths also adds character to the overall sound being projected. The music video also reveals a collection of some music videos made by people the world over during the pandemic. Overall, the song is great one and sometimes, it is always nice to be reminded of the fragile nature of our world and how things can quickly change in a bit without pre-information.

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