5 Underrated Ways You Can Make Money As An Artist.

5 Underrated Ways You Can Make Money As An Artist.

You are following your passion right now, pouring out your heart on every piece you put together but yet the money isn't coming in. I do understand th

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You are following your passion right now, pouring out your heart on every piece you put together but yet the money isn’t coming in. I do understand that you are clearly doing music for passion and not for the money. But you got bills to pay. A-class artist branding isn’t free and promotions aren’t free. As a musician, people calculate and rate your success based on how much you are making.

They are a lot of ways artist are making money to finance their music and also pay bills. Money issues can give you total unrest and for a musician, this can cut you off your inspiration even leading to a fallback.

So, with less to talk and more to narrate. I will briefly expose to you secret ways you can make money off your music.

Let’s get started!


Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project by raising monetary contributions from a good number of people. In other to get your project funded by people, you have to consider three things;

  1. Your purpose of needing the funds.
  2. The platform you are using to connect with potential fundraisers.
  3. And foundations or people who already support your project.

If you got hopes of raising funds for your music projects but lack the financial supports, you should think of crowdfunding.
And speaking of platforms, they are several online platforms you can utilise to fund your musical projects.
Kickstarter has successfully given musicians and bands access to funds worth $120 million for music projects. A site that successfully crowdfunded Amanda Palmer’s project that raised $1.2 million for her album. Most of the successful music projects funded using online crowd funding sites are mostly album projects. Ranging from $1,000 to 1.2 million worth of projects funding received by individuals and bands, crowdfunding has been a great way for artists and bands to bankroll their albums and tours without a label or investor.


Online Concept.

Concept window

One of the ways you can make money from your music is doing music right from your basement. Now there are ways you can run an online concept and fans get to pay ever they have to stream you performing. It is similar to playing the guitar on the corners for tips. But this is from the comfort of your home and you reach a massive audience. Also, no one gets to watch for free.

Concert Window are leading the way in the online concert world. Great way of making money from your basement.


Getting Gigs.

Gigs are not old fashion or outdated. With the emerging of social media and it’s monetization, it can be almost confusing for musicians looking to make good money to turn down on gigs. They are several ways musicians can source out for gigs.

The word “gig” is a short word for “engagement”. A gig is a musical engagement is refers to many aspects of performing, such as assisting with performance and attending a musical performance. More broadly, the term “gigging” means having paid work, being employed.
It is commonly applied to a musical engagement of one night’s duration only, so that means you get paid every night you perform.

Now if you are familiar with sourcing out gigs, I am not encouraging you moving from one bar to another requesting to get a night you can perform. There are smarter ways things could be done.

To make work easier for yourself as an artist, you have to source for your gigs online. Yeah, there are dozens of websites that give musicians and bands massive opportunities of getting booked.(getting gigs)

Sign up to Sonicbids to connect you with gigs. There is a whole list of sites you can use in getting gigs. Click here.


Sell Your Words.

If you are considering making money off your talent, one way you can do that is by selling your lyrics. As an artist who doesn’t have the necessary funds to start up big projects and get your work done the way you want it to be done.

You can fulfil your dreams by selling your lyrics to a bigger artist. And you get paid for the lyrics which can help you fund what next you want to start up. One good site that helps in linking up songwriters with buyers is songbay.


Use Envato Market.


Envato is a digital marketplace you can sell your work to web designers, including themes, graphics, video, audio, photography and 3D models. It has over 1.5 million active buyers and sellers and over 6 million community members.

Now, there is a lot you can get using Envato. Apart from being a massive platform where you can sell your music. It also gives you access to royalty free kits which you can use for your music.

With Envato’s large music forum, you can get production tutorials, a lot of free musical tutorials. The benefit from Envato is that;

  1. You make money selling your music.
  2.  Make better music from their professional resources.

A better music on the right platform gives you a better income. To get started with Envato today, click here.

Beyond this 5 methods, a lot of artists are using to generate income. They are other means and I would love to know. What method are you adopting right now as an independent artist to generate income? Leave your comments below.

Also to round it all up I will be sharing with you an infographic to help you out on musician branding online/offline. Ways, you can stand out when trying to sell your music and brand.

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