4 Good Reasons You Fail As An Indie Artist.

4 Good Reasons You Fail As An Indie Artist.

A lot of indie artist get to fail at their career before it even starts. In my view of music, Indie music simply means do-it-yourself music. It is the

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A lot of indie artist get to fail at their career before it even starts. In my view of music, Indie music simply means do-it-yourself music. It is the beautiful side of this genre of music that breaks it into genres (indie pop, indie rock etc)
Now, you could suck really bad at trying to create your own music. That’s why a lot of career like yours or even more successful ones fail.
Below are those precautions you need to take when creating your own music as an indie artist.

Poor Promotion.

Poor promotions can kill any musical career under whatever genre. But why do indie artists tend to stand out?
Understandably, indie is from the word independent. So let’s say you are an independent pop artist.
As an “Independent” pop artist, you are creating your own style.
First, you have to add value to what you, what you are doing has value and you have to treat it that way.
Understand that no one is going to do it for you, you have to wake up every morning and figure out what it is you have to do in other to generate a good living off your talent.
A lot of indie artist treat their passion and music like they have done their own part and some person (probably a sponsor) should come take over.
You have to be aggressive towards promoting your music.
As an indie artist, you have to be in control of your talent and be deep into the analytics of which platform sells your music better.
But never get stuck to one medium, keep experimenting.

Not Building Relationships.

I do understand that most times it may turn out futile for an upcoming artist when trying to promote themselves online or on any other platform.
You have to understand that despite all the humps, you would be surprised how fast your career will grow with just a little connections have made.
You have to be specific about what you are trying to build in your career. Probably you would need a good marketing agency or a couple of producers. This connection will help build understanding between you the artist and your team.
Nothing as good as a team who understands the artist’s focus.

Do you have the talent?

¬†Okay, let’s face it no matter how good your publicity stunt is, it is very likely you don’t go far because you don’t have the talent.
But notwithstanding, they say “Hard work beats talent when talent isn’t working hard”
It all falls to hard work, you have to work hard if you want to be a successful indie artist.

Ineffective Efforts.

Okay, I did say you have to work hard as an indie artist but you should be smart too.
It is very unapprovable to channel your money into bad marketing strategy as an artist.
You need to have an idea on how you can find your audience. Putting up schemes to spam people with your music is not ideal for business in any form.
You have to quit channelling your efforts into such marketing stunts that can hurt your career big time.
This a drafted summary of those crucial things you have to be aware of as a one man soldier. You have to own your craft and know that if you want to achieve all the best things talent can offer you need to dig deeper into useful tips and imitate successful artist in the industry.
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