”Lvstnight’s Last Night Was Hell”

”Lvstnight’s Last Night Was Hell”

His debut EP, “Last Night Was Hell”, is such a wonderful masterpiece. The artistry is priceless.

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Lvstnight is a rap artist of impeccable capabilities. The Montana based rapper raps about the eccentricities of life while inculcating his professional values and street credibility. He sounds quite convincing than many A- list rappers and on his day, can take them on and even come out tops, in hypothetical rap battles. Such is the fury, the bravery and the fire that burn in his eyes as he spits his lines.

His debut EP, “Last Night Was Hell”, is such a wonderful masterpiece. The artistry is priceless. You can’t help but notice how much of a bundle of skills he is. He is a delight to listen to. Poetry in an audio book. He is not afraid to take risk in dropping his lyrics line by line.

You will find every ingredient that makes his life thick in this EP. From heart felt emotional tunes, to club hits. It is a reverberating time bomb that can only explode into firmamental dimensions.

“Hate me” which referenced ghost in the lyrics, has the potentials to turn your heads up. It is a fitting reply to his critics. “Dead and Demons” reveal his darker side. Sounds like he is talking about his demons coming out. It shows how the rapper has come of age, while in “10 Hii and Vogue”, he sounded as high as hell. They are tracks that will definitely get you moving and grooving.  Your dance steps will be so intense as to make people say “I hope I get those genes” to you anytime you come on.

Check out his music by clicking on the link below:


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