Listen To “Priceless” At Your Own Risk!!

Listen To “Priceless” At Your Own Risk!!

If you are open minded and ready to let your musical mind blow, then listen to this track over and repeatedly.

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If I say that I got you I got you.

I don’t want anyone if it’s not you.

Used to run from this love ‘till I got you.

Tried to fight this feeling but we fought through


Those are part of the lyrics to the track entitled “Priceless” by the group called “Acid City Nuns”.

If you have ever been in love then you will most definitely relate to the lyrics of this track.

The song has a mixture of Jazz, Hip-hop and R&B all mashed up together to bring out this beautiful and melodious masterpiece.

You must include this wonderful piece of art in your musical collection so as to have something completely different from the usual radio repeat rotations.

Priceless is priceless. Words simply cannot explain Priceless. Only you can explain it and give it your own personal meaning so as  to get the best out of it.

The music “Priceless” just like the group “Acid city nuns” does not conform to the norms of todays popular music.  It represents freedom and creativity which most artists are scared of indulging themselves in for the fear of not pleasing fans. Below is sample of one of their tracks on Youtube.

If you are open minded and ready to let your musical mind blow, then listen to this track over and repeatedly.  It will most definitely  infect you just like the corona virus infects people.

We warn you to listen to “Priceless” at your own risk.  !!you have been warned!!


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