“Let your hair down” by “Pointdexter” is Phenominal.

“Let your hair down” by “Pointdexter” is Phenominal.

This song is definitely what the doctor ordered in this very hard times of corona virus infectious days.

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So, Let your hair down
sail across the sea
Hold on to your dress
And dance out in the street

That is the hook or what traditional music would call the chorus to the song entitled “Let your hair down” by the phenominal group called “Pointdexter”.

The lyrics to this song is most definitely needed as people all over the world sit at home and are corona quarantined. The song advices us to simply chill and if possible dance in the streets. The writer of this song must have been thinking years ahead because that is exactly what is going on in Italy right now. Everyone is letting their hair down and dancing across the streets and having parties on roof tops.
The music is catchy and the voice in the song is powerful. This song is definitely what the doctor ordered in this very hard times of corona virus infectious days.

Pointdexter is a group of talented musicians passionate about creating their unique form of Pop/Rock music and using it to convey their inspirational and relatable themes. Their music, which can be defined as “an intellectual Pop-Indie-Rock-Funk-Fusion“, features an excellent combination of tasty guitar licks, inconceivable bass lines, sexy saxophone, funk rock vocals, and dynamic drum playing, resulting in highly enjoyable songs that cradle the eardrums and vibrates the soul.

You can reach them and find out more about them by checking out the links below:


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