Kinesus’ “Your World”

Kinesus’ “Your World”

“Your World”, a single by Kinesus, from the album “Retrogram”, is a pretty great track

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“Your World”, a single by Kinesus, from the album “Retrogram”, is a pretty great track. This electronic pop tune is wondrous to listen to. The first catchy thing you that is noticed after you hit the play button is the striking cool intro tune. The astounding and outstanding beats then begin to gradually filter in to a copious level.

It is pure and organic. The energy is great and awesome. Obviously Kinesus is the nexus that links “Your World” together even without vocals (a descent vocals wouldn’t have been a bad idea too) and it still comes off well. The transition is crystal and resonates in the mind. It feels like a sound track that can match a happy ending scene of any movie due to the nice feeling you get from it. Another “wow moment” for me is the closing stage of the track, as the sounds simultaneously begin to slow down while the beats abruptly stops and the piano sound is substituted for a more serenading and prominent organ sound  in the background that gives a feel of a woodwind and reed instrumentals.

A regular key is also maintained throughout. I particularly like the delivery and style of the track. The synth sound is faultless, the keyboard and acoustic guitar sounds are in sync. This shows that Kinesus is up to date in his theory of music. Kinesus has shown that he is also precocious, little wonder his talents are evident in this tune. Verily, this tune would give you a good listening experience

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