5. Its time to “Dive In”. Bio Review of Sensational solo Act Kyra Da’nae

5. Its time to “Dive In”. Bio Review of Sensational solo Act Kyra Da’nae

"Dive In is a song about individuals who deal with their issues by drowning themselves in alcohol. Even though people will literally drink themsel

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“Dive In is a song about individuals who deal with their issues by drowning themselves in alcohol. Even though people will literally drink themselves to death, for them that’s a more suitable substitute than dealing with the tribulations of the harsh reality life can present us with.” a press release for the song stated.

Biography Source: Facebook

Kyra De’Nae was born in Glendora, CA. As a child she and her family moved to various places until they found their home in Riverside, CA. Her family has a passion and true appreciation for music. Her father, Pastor Thomas B. Ross, plays the piano, and her mother, Sharon Jackson, is a songstress in her own right. Kyra has had a close relationship with God from a young age.

She was born and raised in in New Hope Church of God In Christ, in Duarte, Ca. Although, Kyra’s relationship with God in her younger years positively influenced her to be a good kid growing up, when she became a teenager she struggled to stay in his will. Kyra expresses, “I went from the girl next door, to the girl in the streets”, reminiscing on being a 16-year-old teenager.

Being a teenager was a challenge for Kyra as she battled against the lusts of the flesh. In front of her family she was still the same quiet and shy Kyra they all knew and loved, but she was no longer that little girl. Daily, she struggled between being sweet young Kyra, and making choices to become involved in sex, drugs, and alcohol. After living a self destructive life style for 3 years, Kyra abandoned her sinful lifestyle and dedicated her life and gift of music to serving the Lord.

When reflecting on her past Kyra recognizes her mistakes, but understands that everything works together for the good of them that love the Lord. Kyra’s expresses, “Even though I may have some regrets, I know that everything happens for a reason.

God kept his hand on me during that 3-year-struggle so that I could use my testimony to minister to others who are experiencing the same thing. I truly believe that God created me to minister through music, so I’m going to go hard in the paint for Jesus!”



The music! If I hear a good beat and I’m properly motivated, I start writing to it ASAP. It’s all about the feeling the I get from the instrumental. I can just vibe to a beat and lyrics will come to me. Most of the time I’ll freestyle lines in my head and the one that sticks out the most is the one I’ll run with. Once I have a concept I begin to expound on it and try to make it relevant. My songs are typically rooted from my own life experiences, conversations I’ve had, something I’ve read, or just putting myself in someone else’s shoes. My music is mostly self-healing therapy for myself.

source : Vintage Media Group

Inspiration on the Song ”Dive in”

Thanks, I’ve been working on my first project for a while now and the album is basically my story of how I went from a bad girl back to a good girl. With that being said alcohol was a part of my struggle. I wouldn’t have called myself an addict or anything like that, but with this track I wanted to bring awareness to alcoholism. Getting drunk and turning up is all fun and games until you’re in the doctor’s office and he’s telling you that both of your kidneys are failing. I just want people to hear the song and understand what an alcoholic goes through without passing judgment. I want the listeners of this song to be able to empathize with individuals who struggle with alcoholism and be willing to help them.

source : Vintage Media Group



Some of my musical influences would have to be JGivens, Lauryn Hill, J. Cole, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald and just recently Lianna La Havas. I’m also extremely influenced by my producer Dav D Beats, who has been a big part of my growth and development, and he has also been an integral part in helping me conceptualize my album. I also have to shout out my mom who is the one that passed this gift down to me and God haha can’t forget him!

source : Vintage Media Group

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