Get To Know “Nuski Baby”

Get To Know “Nuski Baby”

She grew up listening to 2Pac, Skooly, Lil Wayne, Boosie Badazz and B.G.

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Gerttown Nunu is a great bounce artist, featuring in the era of bounce music while her stock continues to rise steadily. Born Regina Love Lambero (20th January 1992) in Louisiana, Nunu started rapping at the age of 8 even though she was surrounded by a family thriving in the music business, it was still obvious that Nunu was going to carve a niche for herself. She grew up listening to 2Pac, Skooly, Lil Wayne, Boosie Badazz and B.G. She hitherto belonged to a rap group called “ Real Niggas Relate Ent.”, after a couple of years, she went solo and started making New Orleans bounce music despite being at the youthful age of 17, she also began producing beats. 

Gradually, she was becoming a choice DJ for parties as words reached the streets about her musical ingenuity, this made her even more popular. Despite being among family members who were musical talents, it did not translate into automatic support for her, as a matter of fact, it is pertinent to say that she received little support from her family growing up and her life was not a smooth ride but she persisted in the face of adversities and difficulties. She kept her focus and was consistent in pursuing her dream. 

She was later forced to change her name from “Gerttown Nunu” to “Nuski Baby” after losing a family member. This corresponded in her move to Atlanta in furtherance of her music career where she added production and engineering by way of diversification. This helped her to fully discover herself and to help her identify her true sound. 

Drawing inspirations from A- list artist, she stated thus “All my favorite icons such as Lil Wayne, and Mannie Fresh know how to produce and manipulate sound, not only that, but they know the sound they want, and how to get just that. I feel it mentally helps artists become creatively stronger when it’s time to move the pin”.

She believes that if she stays on course and becomes consistent at it while remaining true to herself, she would be relevant and would stand a chance in the industry. It may prove to be one of her biggest challenges, but she has the right attitude and has continued to break fresh barriers day by day.


She completed her first work which was a mixtape called “Trap God”. She followed it up with two videos “Ain’t F*** With Me” and “Money in the Bag” off the mixtape. Her hit single, “Piff Gang” is a bomb while her upcoming singles “whatch do” and “gangsta bitch” are time potential bombs. 

Her musical genius stems partly from working with Sissy Nobby and RNR Records and other talented artists. Although, bounce as a genre is not well positively reviewed, she is determined to push the brand, and become a soldier for it.  In her words “I won’t let anyone change my style because I have a lot of fans who love my music” Gerttown Nunu doesn’t want to, and won’t be the one to let the New Orleans tradition die down!


You can follow her with the following social media handles below:


Instagram @1NuskiBaby


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