Get To Know Hawk Music

Get To Know Hawk Music

“Rock” music is a type of pop music that developed out of rock ‘n’ roll in the 1960s and 1970s. It is based around amplified instruments, especially t

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“Rock” music is a type of pop music that developed out of rock ‘n’ roll in the 1960s and 1970s. It is based around amplified instruments, especially the electric guitar and electric bass, and is characterized by a strong bass line and driving rhythms. It is typically performed by rock groups, and while fast dance music is the staple form, slower ballad-style songs are also a popular part of the repertoire


Hawk is a power pop group based in Chicago that majors in rock. Hawk is styled and inspired by the rock songs of the 80’s. David Hawkins is the driving force behind this Chicago area band

When he was a teenager, David Hawkins was influenced by the powerful groups of the old order such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Who. Neil Young’s “Harvest” caught his attention in the late ’80s, as the manager of the group, Souled American, thus he began writing his own songs. Inspired by the past, from Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan to Hank Williams and Robert Johnson, his music enthralled with a pop-rock beat that appeals to the fans, with lyrics that are clever and finely shaped melodies.”

David Hawkins started playing guitar while managing Souled American in the 80’s, and got to live a country rock dream when he left the job; he and his longtime girlfriend who later died of asthma, began to live on an 80-acre farm in rural Illinois. The couple moved back to Chicago in 1993, where he formed the nucleus of this band, but when his girlfriend’s death from an asthma attack in 1995 put an end to the idyll, he briefly moved alone to the Maine woods. Upon returning to Chicago, he re-formed the band and started releasing albums. He tends to incline towards country rock, but he is checked by songwriting, motivated by mid-70s Dylan, some Richard Thompson, and the third Velvet Underground album.

“Hawk” is grounded in playing guitar and maintains over the top vocals. They start strong with the upbeat “Let me in,” then move to the acoustic harmony-laden “Change(s). “Farrah Fawcett Hair” ( from the album, Princess America ) reminds the listener and fans alike, when Miss. Fawcett (and her hair) reigned supreme.


They released a couple of albums which include ‘ Princess America’ in 2005, ‘Rock n Roll’ in 2007 and I’m on Fire in 2014. Another album entitled Bomb Pop, which is a 10 track album is expected from their stable in 2018.


The 11 tracks on “Rock n Roll” catapults you back in time to a mid-70’s rock vibe that explodes with loud guitars and down to earth rhythms, alongside David Hawkins’ soothing vocals and Aaron Bakker‘s leads. Hawkins admitted that the songs were inspired by his brother “the badass orange”.


“I’m on Fire” a project released in 2014, was put together painstakingly, by the following people who worked hard and relentlessly, performing different task ,

Hawk Music comprises of David Hawkins – Guitar, Vocals, Rhodes Piano, Aaron Bakker – Guitar, Ed Ludwig – Drums, Jeff Maslouski – Drums, Tony Mcquaid – Guitar, Randy Morris – Drums, Bill Phillippe – Guitar, Regan Souders – Bass. It was produced and engineered by David Hawkins. It was recorded at Green Room Studios, Chicago, mixed by David Hawkins and Mike Hagler at Kingsize Soundlabs, Chicago and mastered by Mike Hagler at Kingsize Cover Design By David Hawkins.

“Bomb Pop” is a 60’s-twinged power-pop perfection of “Allison’s Gone,” and its nice beat and infectious melody that you will always remember, and chorus that recall equally, early REM and the pristine pre-rock pop of the “Wrecking Crew” of the 60’s pop gems as the Monkees, the Beach Boys, and the Mamas and Papas. This is a masterclass. Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Pete Thomas’s audacious drumming begins “Listen Like Thieves”. The psychedelic pop of “I Lied” takes the listener on a magic carpet ride for “not telling more of the truth,” while the band produces a Beatles-like Sgt. Pepper, with keyboard lines alongside Hawkins’ irrepressible vocals.

In other words, by the end of Bomb Pop, you would realise it was a champaigne class performance.

Check out their website to find out more about them


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