8. Get To Know Amazing Band  ‘Sun Ghosts’

8. Get To Know Amazing Band ‘Sun Ghosts’

About Sun GhostsSunGhosts was formed in 2013 when the four members met in college. Nik Olas, Arminio “Crocodile Deathspin” Rivero, Jared Steingold and

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About Sun Ghosts

Sun Ghosts

SunGhosts was formed in 2013 when the four members met in college. Nik Olas, Arminio “Crocodile Deathspin” Rivero, Jared Steingold and Luis “Louie” Estopiñan all had two things in common: Miami roots and an intense passion for music. Seeing them together, you’d think they grew up in the same playpen.

Once they started playing music together and expanding on Nik’s compositions, the band just took off. Nik has a knack not only for writing catchy melodies, but also a vision for every element of the song. A bonafide auteur, Nik has every detail of each song laid out in his head, and in his little black book where he scribbles lyrics, drawings, meanings and feelings. While the melodies tend to have an upbeat and uplifting vibe, he explores some serious issues. “Meet me at the Rainbow Bridge” follows a child coping with the loss of a dear family pet. In “Noonshine,” the struggle between the safety and security of the past and the unknown opportunity that can be unlocked by a leap of faith. “‘Til The City Goes Under,” reveals a love and sense of preservation for their hometown in the face of transient residents and rising sea levels.

These lyrical expressions are expertly brought to life by the other band members…each contributing their own unmistakable flair and personality. Jared’s expert bass playing is instinctual and driving… and you’ll never see a more animated performer. Arminio’s chaotic guitar riffs, perfectly complementing Nik’s carefully-crafted licks…a sort of “yin and yang tug-of-war” between the two guitars. Louie’s powerful, confident beat combined with excellent timing and creative parts brings the whole SunGhosts sound together.

SunGhosts has enjoyed exponentially increasing popularity in their hometown. The band has played some of the city’s largest music events including Calle Ocho Festival, Wynwood Life Festival, and the Youth Fair Miami…not to mention practically every venue throughout South Florida, including Revolution Live, Churchill’s Pub, Bardot, Gramps, Respectable Street, Florida International University, The Bends, and Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood. After attending the Driven Music Conference two years in a row, they were asked to play the VIP showcase at the Driven Music Conference in Atlanta in 2014.

Setting their sights beyond South Florida, SunGhosts has been hitting the road on frequent tours throughout the eastern U.S. and beyond. In March 2016, the band played five live music showcases during SXSW in Austin, Texas, and the inaugural Okeechobee Music Fest in Florida. Their #BeyondTheRift tour in June 2015 saw SunGhosts playing shows across seven states between NoDa Summer MusicFest in North Carolina and Summerfest in Milwaukee.


Best Band in Miami 2015
Miami New Times Readers Poll

Band Members

Nik Olas
Jared Steingold
Arminio “Crocodile Deathspin” Rivero
Luis “Louie” Estopiñan

About The Track

Hydro Pump is about tearing down that sexual tension and just letting loose. Having a good time is therapy and whisks all your troubles away. This music video encompasses that with a high energy, chaotic pool party in our native city of Miami, FL.

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