Easy Ways Young Musicians Can Grow Their Audience

Easy Ways Young Musicians Can Grow Their Audience

To take your marketing efforts a notch higher, think of using content marketing strategies. Or better said, prepare yourself a calendar for all the content that you'll create in a month or a year. It could be anything from blog posts on your website, a podcast on someone else's channel, or a Youtube music video.

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For any artist, the greatest treasure is the audience that follows their art. The same goes for the musicians too.

Though marketing your music may seem at odds with your interests, but think of it this way – if you don’t do it, who else would?

Of course, producing good music is the first thing that can earn you a loyal audience. But, at the same time, it is not the only thing. To your surprise, several reports confirm that without a practical plan for reaching the target audience, a musician’s art does not receive its due engagement.

So, you need it, whether you want to or not.

Nonetheless, there are some easy ways to promote your music and grow your audience. And it shouldn’t require any additional skill learning sessions on your part too.

Keep reading to know about these easy ways to grow your audience.

Leverage B2B Marketing Model

Okay, it does not mean that you should go out there and start generating B2B leads for your music production. Instead, what we are trying to say is, pick up ideas from them.

Typically, B2B marketing models are based on mutual benefits that two merchants or business owners have to offer to each other. Well, we are suggesting you use this idea for your music promotions.

Consider this situation – you build good relationships with other businesses around. Not necessarily the music organizers or recording studios but other professions too. For instance, radio stations, a poly athlete, or any other profession that does not resonate with your passion.

The idea is to use them and tap into their audience, rather than focusing on your audience. Most of the time, events or gatherings, where artists from all walks of life perform tend to have a broader audience. And you’ll likely find your audience in the group, regardless of the size.

Content, Content, And Content

In this digital age, when everything is only a click away, you must understand one thing – your content is your first interaction with your audience.

What we are trying to say is, you must constantly keep your audience updated with new content. It is essentially one of the fundamental requirements for any marketing scheme.

Consumers (your audience) may listen to one of your music pieces. And they might like it too. But, if you can’t keep providing them with new products (your music) you may lose them down the line. There’s a pretty good chance that your audience may forget about you.

To take your marketing efforts a notch higher, think of using content marketing strategies. Or better said, prepare yourself a calendar for all the content that you’ll create in a month or a year. It could be anything from blog posts on your website, a podcast on someone else’s channel, or a Youtube music video.

Leverage The Digital Technology

How many times have you discovered great music videos while scrolling through your Instagram handle? We suppose, a lot. Well, that’s the beauty of digital technology.

Finding out your audience and reaching them has never been so easy. There are plenty of tools and tactics that you can use to promote your music online.

For instance, you can use Youtube to publish your music videos. Or you can upload your DJ Mixtapes on authoritative distribution channels. You can also use social media marketing and Youtube Ads to discover a new target audience.

The best part is, digital technology is easy to understand, and non-expensive. As compared to the traditional marketing methods such as album labeling, television promos, royalty lend out, etc. the new digital marketing tools need no professional training, to begin with.

Cross-Genre Collaborations

Yes, it is a thing and musicians do it all the time. Ever came across Aerosmith & Run-DMC music pieces? Or, Jay-Z & Linkin Park music pieces, for that matter? What do they have in common?

Well, Aerosmith and Linkin Park are well-known rock bands that people still listen to. Whereas, Run-DMC and Jay-Z are popular for their rap and hip-hop. But, their collaborations have engaged millions of music lovers on Youtube and Spotify.

There are plenty of such examples out there – The Chainsmokers’ “Don’t let me down”, ft. Daya has topped global charts back in 2015; Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness”, ft. MGMT topped charts in 2009.

Cross-genre collaborations, according to the industry experts, offer dual engagement for musicians. Firstly, it helps provide their existing audience with a fresh perspective of their music. And, secondly, it helps collaborators share their groups of audience for mass reach.

Hide Away Occasional Duds

This one is more of a precaution that you should consider when marketing your music. Focusing your efforts on retaining your audience is as important as gaining new fans. Perhaps, sometimes, it is even more important.

That being said, there could be times when you know you’ve made a dud. And knowing what to do with that occasional dud could be confusing. After all, you’ve put effort and invested money in it.

You must understand that one bad move can cause you devastating damages. Despite all your efforts and the money you invest, it is better to not publish or release that occasional dud.

It could take months or even years to recover from the damages that a single bad composition can cause to your career as a musician. We recommend you lock it away in a hidden folder on your computer that no one can ever find it.

The Takeaway

If you’re keen on pursuing a good career as a musician, we must tell you – it’s not going to be easy. Indeed, you’ll need to know how to sell your music to make money from it. And sometimes, ‘you may even have to sell yourself’ – someone good at marketing once said.

Making a career in music is more than just jamming and gigging. You need to be active about growing the reach of your music. And, hopefully, the schemes mentioned above have helped you understand some of the nitty-gritty of music marketing.

On this note, we’d take your leave.

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.






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