“Could You Be” Is A Must Listen

“Could You Be” Is A Must Listen

Susan G is able to captivate audiences around the world with her music. So listen at your own risk! You have been warned.

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After listening to Susan G’s track entitled “Could You Be”, I quickly got into chill-mood. The lyrics and melody to this track magically took my body to cloud nine without a shot of any alcohol. Unbelieveable!! I must say because no song has ever done that to me.  Susan G’s soulful vocals combine Pop & Soul with a 90’s throwback flavor that can’t be contained in one genre.

The track is definitely a must listen only on friday nites because it will put you in that sexy chill-mood which will make you not wanna go anywhere else afterwards. So get a partner before listening to this track because it will make you wanna cuddle up with somebody.
Susan G’s voice is a silky silhouette that has the ability to slip through your membrane and deep into your soul. And once you are hooked, there is no going back.

Music is in the air
You’ve got your hands in my hair
Tequila is doing it’s job
So put your hand on my waist, baby give me a taste
Let’s get lost into the night

This is just some of the lethal lyrics in the song that will captivate and woo your mind. The melody will sneak in from behind and capture your poor soul. Then you are addicted to Susan G.

Susan G allows the music and magic to come to her instead of trying to force it on paper. She Records voice memos on the go as she gets done with her duties as a mother. No wonder she is able to captivate audiences around the world with her music. So get ready to be captivated by the one and only Susan G.

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