“Complications” By “Emotionz” is Worth Listening To

“Complications” By “Emotionz” is Worth Listening To

I guess that is why he called it "complications" because it is really a complicated mixture of sounds

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I truly love “complications” by Canadian artist “Emotionz”. Never have I heard a track that reminds me of so many different artists.

The base guitar sounded like something “Me’Shell NdegéOcello” put together, then after Emotionz starts spitting his verses, I could hear a “Snoop Dogg” type of music from his track entitled “Sensual Seduction” and then to put it all together was a “Pharrell williams” type of music production by Emotionz. I guess that is why he called it “complications” because it is really a complicated mixture of sounds.

He truly did a great job with this track.  The mixture of old and new school brings a uniqueness to the track.  I encourage you to take your time and listen to it and judge for yourself.
Emotionz is a Rapper/Beatboxer extraordinaire from Vancouver, Canada. He has performed in over 1500 different events in over 10 different countries. His live sets has become an energy filled journey through Hip Hop with multiple genres of musical influence; rapping, beatboxing, singing and most of all spreading love on stage.

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