Check out “Bail It” By the Sensational twins called “Ejima”

Check out “Bail It” By the Sensational twins called “Ejima”

"Bail It" is the latest track from the duo called "Ejima".  The visuals to this song are elegant and gangster at the same time.   The girls are beauti

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“Bail It” is the latest track from the duo called “Ejima”.  The visuals to this song are elegant and gangster at the same time.   The girls are beautiful and their voices are angelic.  Check out the video below and all about the duo down below the video.

Ejima is a duo of talented identical twin sisters who have been performing together since childhood. The word “ejima” means “twin” in the Nigerian Igbo language and is a fitting name for these two, who prefer it to using their individual names.

The twins began performing in their church choir and show chorus, moving on to high school talent shows and professional theater. Born in Virginia, they grew up in the small town of Edenton, North Carolina and are currently based in Los Angeles, California. These days, Ejima makes compelling and creative R&B that is gaining industry attention. A new single called “Bail It” was produced by Big H and has been generating a buzz. The track is a perfect vehicle for Ejima’s high-range vocal style and intelligent lyrics.

Born on July 12th, the twins are inspired by iconic recording artists like TLC, Missy Elliot, and The Jacksons. They are especially motivated by the way the Jackson family made it out of small town life and took the world stage. Their goals are equally large but are getting closer every day. In addition to music, Ejima has been able to book acting jobs on TV One, in some independent films, and even done some print ads. The twins also spent time in Atlanta, Georgia, where they appeared in a songwriting pilot and interned for a multi-platinum music producer to learn more about production and artist development. They also do philanthropic work in their community and are involved with many educational experiences and scholarship opportunities aimed at local youths.

Ejima has already emerged as a creative and social power, which everyone around them knew was inevitable since they were seven and recording original songs on a karaoke machine. Now, they are spreading the word about who they are and what they can do. Fans of leading-edge R&B will want to follow from here to witness Ejima flourish and grow.

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