You can “Reach A Star” with “Soundstream”

If you only wanna reach the sky then call a travel agent but if you wanna “Reach A Star” then get with Soundstream!This Electronic-dance-trio recently

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If you only wanna reach the sky then call a travel agent but if you wanna “Reach A Star” then get with Soundstream!

This Electronic-dance-trio recently released their awesome video to the track entitled “Reach A Star” which currently has over 26,000 views on youtube.

The video was perfectly scripted and also beautifully acted to portray a couple who broke up but re united once again upon watching and listening to Soundstream singing their song.  The video seemed to tell us that with the help of Soundstream, the couple were able to get back together.

Topafric Music Video was able to secure an exclusive interview with these Ukrainian upcoming Electronic Dance stars and we got them to answer a few questions. Check it out below

Q: Can You please tell our readers the name of your band?

A: Soundstream

Q: Please tell us the names of each member and where everyone is from?

A: Ok, Soundstream consists of 3 members. Ann Pazyura  from Kramatorsk, Ukraine. Yuriy Muktarov  is also from Kramatorsk, and Denis Timish is from Khmelnytsky, Ukraine. But we all currently reside and are based in Kiev, Ukraine.

reach a star

Q: Who started the band and where was it started?

A: Well, it’s all started in 2008, when Denis Timish (a.k.a. DJ FatCat) and Alexander Bulanov decided to create an electronic music band. At that time they were students at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute.

Q: Who came up with the name of the band and what does it mean or represent?

A: Usually the best ideas come to mind spontaneously. And we decided to name our band with the first name which came to mind.

Q: What genre of music does the band play? Jazz? Hip-Hop? RnB? 

A: We play electronic dance music, mainly HandsUp with 90’s Eurodance influences. However we also experiment with others genres like Electro, Dubstep etc.

Q: Tell us which band or artist do all members of your band like or look upto?

A: Good question. There is an interesting thing that we have different music tastes, so it’s hard to name an artist which we all like.

Q: Please tell us the role of each member in the band

A: Ann is a lead vocalist. Yuriy is an MC/rapper. And Denis is a keyboardist, producer and songwriter.

Q: If you were given a chance, which Artist  or band would you guys  love to perform with?

A: Hard to say because there are so many artists we like. But we are currently preparing a new single, which will be made in collaboration with a well-known German eurodance band. At the moment we can’t tell its name, let it be a surprise 🙂


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