Brother J Oliver’s “NEW BEGINNING”

I couldn't stop myself from repeatedly playing Brother J Oliver's "New Beginning"track. Seeing the video, I absolutely love it's simplicity and

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I couldn’t stop myself from repeatedly playing Brother J Oliver’s “New Beginning”track. Seeing the video, I absolutely love it’s simplicity and it doesn’t bore you at all. There’s everything to love about the song from his voice that soothes the soul to the positivity the lyrics exudes.

New Beginning” is that song that speaks to the spirit, it gives you the feeling of a fresh start. It’s the kinda music you play at the early hours of the morning, in your car and of course at any other place and time of the day. It has a really good tune!.


James A. Oliver Jr. is a gospel music singer born on the 2nd of July, 1964 in South Bronx, NY. He was born and raised in a Christian home and of course being born into a Christian home doesn’t automatically make one a born again. James A. Oliver’s stage name as a music artist was “J Love” which he changed to “Brother J Oliver” after dedicating his life to Christ and that became his stage. He started making music at age 13. His song “New Beginning” was released in April 7th, 2020. His latest track is “Holy Ground” which was produced by Phil “Nut” Howard.

In his words;

He loves praise and worship, His Songs are inspired by life experiences and he draws inspiration from his wife as well. As he walks with Christ in the Christian journey, he intends touching the lives of others through his music. If he had the opportunity he’d like to perform with Fred Hammond.

Brother J Oliver can be found in the following Social Media platforms;

  • Amazon
  • Napster
  • Rhapsody
  • Apple Music
  • iTunes
  • Spotify
  • Instagram @brotherjoliver

You gotta listen to this Song for real ! Check out the Music video below

Click here to visit his website

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