Bobbo Byrnes Releases New Track Entitled “Angelia”

Bobbo Byrnes Releases New Track Entitled “Angelia”

Bobbo Byrnes is back at it again and this time the title of the single is "Angelia" from the album entitled " Two Sides To This Town". https://open.s

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Bobbo Byrnes is back at it again and this time the title of the single is “Angelia” from the album entitled ” Two Sides To This Town”.

Bobbo is the definition of real country music. I mean he is a hitch hiking, bar sitting, and story telling or remeniscing type of country singer. He is a true follower of the Kerouac philosophy of hitchhiking and storytelling. He’s been singing and strumming most of his life and these days he’s inspired by a Brene’ Brown Tedtalk, a Calvin Coolidge quote about persistence, a sixteen word poem about a wheelbarrow, and a PBS documentary on country music.
In the single “Angelia” he talks about there being two sides to the story and then he wants to have a drink with Angelia. lol. We would like to know who Angelia is and why he wants to drink with her.

Overall, the music is not bad. Dont expect anything else other than his guitar sound and his wonderful vocals behind the guitar music. Bobbo never disappoints when he makes his music. I mean the chords are really simple and the story line is always got you thinking.

I can picture myself going to a bar and hearing this music below out from a jukebox and then I light up a marlboro and yell at the bartender to hit me up with 2 shots of good ole JD (Jack Daniels for those of you who dont know what JD stands for) and then after walking up to some beautiful lady stranger and straight telling her the following: If your name is Angelia then come have some drinks with me and if it aint, hell, come have some regardless.
Thats the effect the music has on me right now. Infact I think I might go do just that. So thanks Bobbo for this wonderful tune and lyrics. Its another way for guys to break that ice.

But as far as the video, I must say that it truly sucks Bobbo. I’m sorry but I gotta be honest.  The music is beautiful and Bobbo just puts up a camera in what seems to be his basement and bores the hell out of us with visuals of him playing his guitar.  This is the same thing Bobbo did in the wonderful song entitled “mr whats his name”  

Bobbo is fund of making good beautiful music but skipping on the visuals.  He has to do a better job with his videos.  We look forward to seeing better video representations of your good work Bobbo.

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