Blxckand Jaded’s Complicated Thoughts

Blxckand Jaded’s Complicated Thoughts

Complicated Thoughts is a song by Blxckand Jaded, from the album, Jaded Thoughts

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“Complicated Thoughts” is a song by Blxckand Jaded, from the album, Jaded Thoughts. This is an innocuous rap song. It is an inspirational song. It inspires you to achieve what you want to achieve in life and as long as you continue to “grind”, you would be great. Greatness begat beef and envy but the haters will definitely not be able to step into your shoes. This is the truth about life which people can relate to.

Blxckand Jaded definitely killed this one. The dope flow that constantly matched the mid-paced tempo of the song. The joint’s transition and continuity are suavely smooth, especially between the verses, the hook and the chorus. The august beats are spontaneous as they rent and tear into the air but also not superseding the vocal mix due to the audibility of the lines or lyrics. The thought provoking lyrics are an homogeneous reflection of the song’s theme as the message hits home and creates a deep feeling in the minds of the listeners.

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The electric synths, the bass line guitars and other acoustics, alongside the vocals form a “true blue second line” or harmony line which makes it more pleasing to the ears.  This is great music and as was succinctly put, without equivocation, in the lines or lyrics below

“My sound so heavenly”

The production quality is also high which reflects the effect shifts put in by the experienced technical crew.

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