“Blind Side” By “Planet Peacock” Is A Must Listen

“Blind Side” By “Planet Peacock” Is A Must Listen

The attitude is on point, the energy? stupendous. It is indeed a revamped 90’s classic as it pierces you through your marrows, to your DNA.

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Thomas Jefferson once penned down “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”. This well encapsulates what Planet Peacock is all about. They were born with special gifts from the Creator which has made them a blessing and a source of happiness to those who listen to their brand of music. 

Planet Peacock is a rock band in New Jersey. They fuse into a well lubricated sound, rock, pop, punk, ska, funk, reggae, jazz and blues.

Armed with a strong music writing skills, they have been able to galvanize this into a brilliant piece, full of magic. A highly creative and entertaining band, Planet Peacock showcase their ability to thrill in all their songs, thus allowing their creative sides to emanate. 

In their single, Blind Side, from the album, The Brown Side, they are able to make a silhouette of their lively style and progressive set up for the world to see.

The beginning of this track kind of reminds me of “Leny Kravitz’s song entitled “American Woman”.

The attitude is on point, the energy? stupendous. It is indeed a revamped 90’s classic as it pierces you through your marrows, to your DNA. You can’t help but notice the impression they create as they carry you back in time, with a futuristic undertone. Indeed, there is future in the past. That underscores it, as it is beginning to take center stage now and in the coming years.


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Back to The Saint in Asbury Park tomorrow night in support of our upcoming debut album, The Brown Sound! Catch us at 8:00 Thursday March 28 along with The Summercamp!

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Like poison, this song seeps through your system and breaks all your defenses with time, eventually, killing you subtly and softly with a blend of rich vocals and instruments. It would be nice if we escape to that place where they try to take their fans to and spend some joyous time there, experiencing the wonderments and excitement and you will forever be glad you came through in the generation of Planet Peacock. They can be reached via the following:



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