“Black Album” By “YJRB” is Definitely A Master Piece

“Black Album” By “YJRB” is Definitely A Master Piece

The beats will remind you of "Mike Jones" and "Paul Wall" back in the days sipping on juice and driving in the cadillacs.

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“The Black Album” is definitely a master piece by YJRB.  YJRB is no new kid on the block when it comes to Hip Hop / Trap.  The Houston, Texas native has a way of displaying great rapping skills and intricate lyrical abilities.  He also definitely knows how to pick the best of the best rappers out there to collaborate with.  Watch out because YJRB will soon become a famous house hold name in the near future.

The first track titled “Run it” starts with a female singing what sounds like a classical music and the beats hits you right around the 45 second mark. Its absolutely a beautiful and well arranged track that will having you jamming with YJRB.

Juice is the second track on this album. YJRB traps his way into your mind with another artist who goes by Nostro. The beats in “Juice” will have you dancing like Michael Jackson in the eighties. You just have to sit back, relax, light up a joint, and let the “Juice flow right into your medulla oblongata.

Third track entitled “Florida” has a “Drake vibe” to it. YJRB and Artifice show their rhyming skills on this track. The track will take you back to the 90s when Rappers battled each other lyrically.
Exotic features YJRB, Vic Rippa, and HollyHood Tay rapping on a southern trap-house beat. The beats will remind you of “Mike Jones” and “Paul Wall” back in the days sipping on juice and driving in the cadillacs.


Exotic is most definitely exotic because the artists bring an entirely different type of trapping to the table. The rap sounds like it is behind the beats but it all comes together due to the rappers execution method. This has to be a trend setter because I have never heard this style of trapping before.  You will be mesmerized and intriqued once you take a listen.


The Black Album has a total of 13 different tracks and they are all worth listening to. I will label this album as a “must listen”. You will not get bored listening to the entire album. Every track will entice your ears and like crack, it will keep you addicted.


YJRB was born and raised in the hood of the eastside, in Houston Texas, USA. While growing up on the streets, the artist witnessed a lot of gang violence and as a way to change things on the street, he has taken to music where he has been inspired the most.

According to “G-holy.com

Our hero, YJRB, has a syrupy delivery and cadence that would demand a “who’s that?” in any rap setting.  The paucity of quality wordplay, sometimes abysmal vocal rhythms and desultory songwriting (in spots) is a combination too grande to ignore.


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