Amon Re Releases New Project

Amon Re Releases New Project

Having completed recently, his 5-track EP, Let Us Pray, Amon Re, the Eight Sign, who hails from Chicago, is ready to release the project he has been w

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Having completed recently, his 5-track EP, Let Us Pray, Amon Re, the Eight Sign, who hails from Chicago, is ready to release the project he has been working hard on since 2015.  He was quoted as saying “I just was not in a good place with music mentally,”.

The EP which is produced by one of the leading outfits in the Philadelphia region, Marsten House Recording’s Steve Sxacks, has been fired up with a lead single which is also its title track. This is would be followed up by “Lonely People,”.

Lonely People was fuelled by his desire to sing about the way he feels about being lonely, and how the contemporary world react to the same feeling. He explains thus per Lonely People;

“my personal feelings of loneliness and how society is a bunch of lonely people looking for a connection through social media without actually connecting with another human.”

Furthermore, he is also working on a project, New Strange Fruit, which is to be released soon on all buying and streaming sites. You better watch out for this because the sound promises to be dope and banging with a theme everyone can relate to. He is in collaboration with an Italian producer, Dirty Meth Dopamina, in which the synergy promises to be like a great ‘tag team’, just like the great Quincy Jones and the magical Micheal Jackson in the annals of music or simply put, just like Shaq and Kobe per the golden era of basketball, carting home all manners of awards.

During his growing up days and adolescent years, Big Pun’s Capital Punishment, gave him the platform to showcase and develop his talent.

He sees himself as being conscious and emotional, which has placed him in a position to use his talent to lend his voice to the ills, travails, problems and socio-economic struggles being faced by people in this life.

He conveys what people passes through in his music, and through his music, this issues are brought to the front burner positions.

He hopes to make his music appeal to the listeners in a way they can relate with throughout all ages and generation by creating evergreen sounds, in what he describes as “a soundtrack to your life.” Hoping that the energy chunked out by regular, everyday people, even in bus rides would help actualise these lofty ambitions

He further revealed he was shy, when he was a kid, and Hip-Hop has given him a safe haven to articulate his thoughts and project them outwardly through his mind, be it enlightening or offensive.

His mother has been cited and applauded for playing a very crucial role in his career as she was a ‘connoissuer’ of records which helped to inform his musical style.

The Forest City, North Carolina rapper who was christianed Jermaine Price at birth – has spent the past couple of years perfecting his trade at in Chicago, Illinois.

He also faced challenges while growing up as he was a product of a single parent parenting due to the fact that he was raised by his mother. He finally met his own father when he was 26 years of age. Being the middle child of five siblings, he was traumatized in 2012 when his older brother was shot.

He went back to school, at the time of meeting his father, to study broadcasting in a local community college, He would eventually get a job as production assistant on Judge Mathis, rising to the post of an associate producer, a position he holds today.

But in accordance to the quote “ the chicken has come home to roost”, his first love, music has found its way back into his life.


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