About Us

About Us

We do give a damn about the upcoming artists, want to know why?

Did you know iTunes makes daily sales of $1.5million(I bet you didn’t) with Spotify getting daily uploads of 20,000 songs. So, How do you think you can beat a total estimated 7.3million song yearly and be ranked among first top 100? There is a very long gap to fill in and we are willing to do it with you.

Another challenging part for an upcoming artist is the problem of engaging fans through social media and creating a partnership with advertising firms for better publicity.
so, what can we do for you? And who are we?

About Us.


Topafricmusicvideo.com is a website that caters to upcoming artists from all around the world.  Although our main genre is focused more on Hip-hop, R&B, Soul, Afrobeat, Afropop, Afrocarribean, Rap, Dancehall, Reggae, Pop, Alternative, and Rock, we try to include other genres as well.
Our main focus is zoomed on how we can help upcoming artists succeed in the worldwide crazy web of the Music Industry.
Our website gives a more in-depth look at all the artists we feature on our Music Video Countdown List which airs on Hamburg, German TV Station called Tide.
We also have a vast section on how to succeed in the music industry.

What’s the deal?

“A lot of good music are dying in the studio or on the artist’s mobile without getting to see daylight.”

We do understand that, and we have devised multiple ways we will be talking and promoting registered artist on our website.
To make it easy for you to reach more, share more and engage more we take your music beyond the Topafricmusicvideo site to our radio station which airs live from Germany locally and online.(We could even give you a live interview anytime)
You will be getting featured on one of the  largest black radio stations in Hamburg. Germany with over 5,000 active listeners in Germany.
On the Topafricmusicvideo site we do have a membership plan for artists who see they need to expand their music reach to countries like Canada, Uk, Germany, France and U.S.A.

We got good plans for you and your music.