7. Marshall Titus – Even If

7. Marshall Titus – Even If

]The actress in this music video did a wonderful job in expressing two different emotions which are “Joy” and “Pain”.  At the beginning of the video y

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]The actress in this music video did a wonderful job in expressing two different emotions which are “Joy” and “Pain”.  

At the beginning of the video you see her almost in tears which represents the pain she was going thru at that moment in the video.

Although we never get to see what or who caused the pain or emotional distress, it is quite safe to assume that she was in a lot of emotional and maybe even physical pain.

But if you listen carefully to Marshal’s lyrics, he goes along to say “Even if the sun refuses to shine nothing’s gonna take your heaven away because heaven aint out there, its here inside.

So it seems like after the actress heard these soothing words from the artist, her joy suddenly showed up.

Then we see her happily and joyfully walking away at the end of the video.

 Marshall Titus is a Singer, songwriter, producer and actor who describes himself as a renaissance man.  His music, style and attitude redefine what soul music is and can be. “My music is a true reflection of who I am,” he declares. “I’m an artist who cannot be influenced by current trends or traditions, guided by my inner longing and urge to create”.

This Chicago native currently lives in Hamburg, Germany.

You can find him on his facebook link below.


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