How To Create A Powerful Online Fan Base: Tips For Upcoming Artist.

How To Create A Powerful Online Fan Base: Tips For Upcoming Artist.

Since we are into the business of making underground artists known by talking about them, airing their music on our TV shows. It is only appropriate t

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Twitter marketing For Upcoming Artist.

Since we are into the business of making underground artists known by talking about them, airing their music on our TV shows. It is only appropriate to talk about how our artists are doing and what they need to focus on when trying to create an online fan base.

Every upcoming artist has his or her own way of marketing their brands online so I won’t dig into that, I will on concentrate on what you need and what you won’t be needing in other to set up an effective online fan base.

Being honest about creating loyal fans, You don’t need to do much. All you need do is follow and use the 4 steps I will be sharing below;

  1. Create your own website.(Make it a
  2. Create a facebook page.
  3. Own a Twitter account.( click here to learn more about twitter marketing for an artist.)
  4. Own a YouTube/Instagram account.

And that’s all. But wait is that all you need?. Certainly NO! You don’t just click on and on creating social media account without knowing how to fully utilise them.

I will be taking you step by step on creating a powerful fan base. Read on!

Utilising Your Own Website.

Creating your own website as an upcoming artist is a powerful step towards artist branding. It should be created in such a way that it contains important attributes that can help you sell your music, tell your fans more about you and other projects you are working on.

It doesn’t need to be all stuffy with stuff that doesn’t matter. Important attributes every artist’s website needs are;

  1. Outstanding social media buttons. This will help content fans to your social media platforms.
  2. Users should be able to make a purchase on it.
  3. It should be clean and easy to navigate.
  4. It should contain original and quality HD images of you the artist.

In case you are blank out on ideas, below are some screenshots of artist website;


screenshot of artist website


Screensshot of artist website


Your Facebook Page.

Facebook is a great platform that encourages interaction between your fans and you the artist. It allows you share contents to your fans and due to facebook’s structure, your work and contents can spread as far as your follower’s friends/family. So, that means more reach out for you.


Understand How To Sell On Twitter.

On a previous post, detailed information about twitter marketing for an upcoming artist was properly spelt out. With Twitter, you will be able to get a good amount of Twitter followers who will be interested in the kind of music you do.

YouTube/Instagram Accounts Are Awesome!

If you can draw on a similarity between YouTube and Instagram, it would be that these two social media platforms are best for visuals. Post with visuals get an 18% clicks over those without visuals. Since these both platforms are all about visuals, it is best you tap into it.

Understand that apart from audio share and upload on SoundCloud and iTunes. People want to know what you look like and how you sound outside the studio.

More Talk For Upcoming Artist.

Trying out several social media platforms in search of ways you can make your brand known can be a smart and dumb move. I clearly do not advise trying to push your music in more than 3 social media platforms.

If you are promoting on several sites/apps which are all about you uploading your work, it is understandable if you try out a dozen of them in search of what will work perfectly for you.

But in the case of social media, Overloading yourself with too many accounts and online properties will do more harm than good. It will mean you spread yourself too thin. You won’t

Trying out multiple sites for your music promotion is great because no user is trying to sell a thing to you. But on social media, you end up not maximising the results from anything you’re working on due to information overload.

So, it is best to work smart if you really want to stand out while doing your music.




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