13. Trinitty – “Yesterday”

13. Trinitty – “Yesterday”

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[amazon_link asins=’B00BCCO2HC,B00BCCO15U,B00BCCO1VO,B00BCCO0QU,B00BCCO1J6,B00BCCO09W,B00BCCNY1W’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’nicolas0f-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’1b83a9aa-5599-11e7-b94d-cd6427a35134′]On our previous video countdown show last week, we introduced a rising star to our list of artists by the name Trinitty. This week she features in episode 4 of our weekly video countdown which airs live on  TIDE TV, Hamburg. We did have her video featured here on our blog. It was her covering of Trinitty from her YouTube channel a song by The Weeknd- Shameless. The Weeknd is a Canadia songwriter and record producer who started up his career putting up videos on YouTube.     But on episode 4 countdown we will be looking at one her most recent works. “Yesterday” by Trinitty talks about overcoming difficult times. In the presence of lots of challenges in our daily lives, Trinitty speaks of relationship troubles. she also speaks words of encouraging saying “Keep holding on because tomorrow change will come, no more running away from myself to be someone else”. Trinitty said “Yesterday was about a relationship I had that seemed okay at the time but was truly toxic for me. I learned a lot about myself through that experience”. Trinitty speaks about life’s lesson has thought her more about love and living, she said;

I learned about what love is within friendships, as well. I hope that it can inspire people to expect more from relationships that they go through. I also think it’s important to learn to let go of some people who are no longer helping you become a better person and you can no longer help them do the same. It’s important to love yourself and have expectations on how you want to be treated.


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